A New York Reader Predicts That "Free Speech" Will Soon Become "Hate Speech"
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From: Alex Gregorian (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Column: WeCanStopTheDebate.org

Multi-ethnic nations can't work without tyrannical governments.  In order for America to become the multicultural paradise that the nation's leaders dream of, the Constitution will have to be done away with. 

Throughout the former USSR, when someone pointed out that socialist economic systems didn't work—while they were standing in the breadline—they would soon disappear. 

In the U.S., a similar thing is happening. When a critic points out that multiculturalism isn't working, his career and reputation disappear. American elites depend on this form of cleansing to perpetuate their goal.  

As America becomes more diverse, free speech will become hate-speech. Patriots, as we have seen, are already considered extremists. 

Weeding out the objectors is the only way the ineffectual multicultural system can be maintained. 

Joe Guzzardi writes: "Gregorian" did not want his real name used because he is "afraid of losing his job."
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