A Northern California Reader Reports Double Counting Of Hispanics In The Census
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Re: Who’s Afraid Of The Great Replacement? Fed Censors Target Census Bureau

From: Northern California Reader [Email him]

I have worked for the U.S. Census three times. (In 2020 Census, I conducted some Census interviews in Spanish with the help of the Census app.)

I noticed MANY large apartment complexes (renters) and low-income townhouses (owners/renters) were cleverly duplicated on our rosters by using different words (e.g., ‘apartment’ vs ‘unit’), meaning the same people were being counted 2-3 times.  (I also noticed huge numbers of foreigners living in subsidized housing in one of the nation‘s wealthiest counties, located in Northern California, which is now struggling with building huge numbers of housing units even as thousands of illegals live here.)

I reported the provable Census overcounting of duplicates, detailing the problem, but was told to follow instructions (!) and continue to miscount. When I disagreed, I was placed on unpaid leave in retaliation. I had to contact my legislator to get my job back.

I’m white.

It stinks.


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