A Pennsylvania Reader Doesn't Like Sharron Angle's Non-Immigration Positions; We Reply
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Re: Will Sharron Angle Use Immigration Patriot Harry Reid (1993) Against Treason Lobby Reid (2010)? By Washington Watcher

Gene Macri writes:

Your article on Sharron Angle is typical of the "one issue" idiot mentality in politics in America.  Why don't you list some of her wonderful positions and statements including that "God is Supporting her campaign" and her environmental craziness, not to mention her great stand on rape and incest!  The woman is a Loony Tune and that's why when she says the right things on illegal immigration she looks crazier than an "outhouse rat" on the other issues and is not likely to be taken seriously by most people... And breaking news—some polls are now showing Harry Reid 4-5 points ahead of her.

Eugene Macri (email him) is a nationally-known aquatic ecologist and environmental scientist working out of Pennsylvania.

James Fulford writes:

Sharron Angle may not be as far outside the mainstream as you think,

It's true she has said

"I believe that God has been in this from the beginning, and because of that, when He has a plan and a purpose for your life and you fit into that, what He calls you to He's always equipped you for."[Video]

But similar rhetoric can be heard from many American politicians, including most Presidents. Not just George W. Bush, who was famously a born-again Methodist, but Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy. More recently, there's  Hillary Clinton, a fully paid-up member of the Religious Left, and Barack Hussein Obama, religious affiliation somewhat unstable, but famous for saying "we worship an awesome God in the blue states".

Sharron Angle's position on rape and incest is that she's against them, which is not controversial. Her position on abortion as a response to rape and incest is controversial, but it's intellectually consistent (see Why Sharron Angle's rape/abortion position makes pro-choice me respect her more, PajamasMedia.com, July 14, 2010). It's also non-coercive—she's not trying to ban abortions for victims of rape, rather saying that as a counselor, she's encouraged young women to carry their babies to term.

And finally, her "environmental craziness" as far as I know, consists of a desire to close the EPA, which she considers to be, like the Departments Of Education and Energy, to be an unconstitutional federal encroachment on the states. This view is a lot more popular in pure libertarian air of Nevada than you'd think.

That's the long version. The short version is that we don't care.

Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader, and powerful force for amnesty. If anyone defeats him, including, hypothetically, a crazy person, that would be a Good Thing for America.

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