A Reader From England Disagrees With Enoch Powell, Says Multiculturalists Never "Fail"; Peter Brimelow Replies
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From: Matthew Slater (email him)

Re: "'Regardless Of Their Doom/ The Little Victims Play': CPAC, Frum, Limbaugh…And America?" by Peter Brimelow

Enoch Powell may have justified his failure to achieve anything, owing to his loyalty to his party, by saying everyone is a failure in the end and that that is a natural thing, but none of the "liberals" or multiculturalists are failures, are they?

Was Edward Heath a failure? He took us in to the European Union, encouraged the Uganda Asians to come to the UK and encouraged China not to listen to Margaret Thatcher over Hong Kong. What did he fail in?

It would be more honest to say that you are likely to fail if you oppose the Establishment's agenda, and if you do want to oppose the Establishment you must confront them head on (and not stay in the Conservative Party, like Enoch Powell).

Peter Brimelow comments: Obviously, at one level, our reader is right. But in fact Edward Heath's career ended in undignified groveling attempting to create a coalition government after the 1974 elections, and he lost the Tory leadership to Mrs. Thatcher, whose subsequent triumphs he endured with bitter bad grace. I think Powell's point is a more subtle one about the vanity of human wishes. I also think that Powell, like Pat Buchanan, will be remembered long after Heaths, Bushes and other contemporary undergrowth is cleared out and forgotten.

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