A Reader Says Bah! To Michelle Malkin and Gulf War II; Peter Brimelow comments
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A Nasty Thing Happens To A Nevada Immigration Critic

From:  Paige Straley

Read your site 2 times per week, love it...BUT!  The Malkin piece ("Dear American Soldier," January 22) was way out of gear. 

It didn't have a damn thing to do with immigration, the first priority of the site.  (Could have, did you guys know the Army is going bilingual?) [VDARE.COM comment: NO! Details please!]

The Army has weird racial breakdowns in the troops, especially in the real killerdiller units such as Special Forces, though Malkin don't mention it.  Whites are over-represented in the combat troops, blacks and others like the support roles.

Next, the damn piece supports Gulf War II.  Do you guys have any idea of how many Arabs will demand immediate transport to Detroit when they befriend an American soldier?  Their lives will be in danger if a fellow Iraqi sees it, so we gotta let them in.  Talk about a scam. 

And with the extra Arabs comes an illegal dollop of mayhem-possessed Israelis.  Just a couple of days ago, they said they were going to do political assassinations in the U.S. So we import this blood dispute to our shores.  For this reason alone, Malkin is an idiot to tacitly approve Gulf War II. 

And Gulf War II will divert resources from what meager enforcement of immigration law currently exists.  It is a war that has practically nothing going for it except that it exacerbates class tensions in the U.S. and entrenches elites.  Both of these are bad-bad-bad for those of us concerned with immigration.


Peter Brimelow writes: This is a mild example of the furious emails provoked by Michelle Malkin's column, the most hostile reaction to anything we've posted. There is unquestionably a constituency out there that doesn't like the war – or immigration.

With the exception of her VDARE.COM exclusive expose of politically-correct Maryland police chief Charles Moose, everything we post of Michelle's is in fact her syndicated column, albeit posed as early as possible and hyperlinked in our trademark style. We picked up her column - we were forced to – she just breaks too much news about the immigration disaster, as she did in her book Invasion. Our policy with syndicated columnists is to post whatever they write, seeing as we're paying for it anyway. We do this with Sam Francis and Paul Craig Roberts, both of whom have written critically of the war.

VDARE.COM does not take a position on the war. As I wrote after 9/11, we are not a full-service webzine. We focus on immigration and the National Question. We are a coalition and have writers and readers from across the political spectrum. Our objective is to publish facts and analysis about immigration and related issues that the Establishment media, liberal and "conservative," will not. We indulge our syndicated columnists because they (generally) help us work toward that objective.

I will say, however, that the war will break out February 4. That's the day my teacher union/ economics of education book is published.

January 23, 2003

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