An Arizona Reader Wonders Why Kennedy's Senate Colleagues Admire Him
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From:  L. Long

Re: Randall Burns Blog: Teddy Kennedy's Aide Is Out Of Touch

Why does Edward M. Kennedy hold such a lofty place in American politics?

Kennedy was born to wealth, never worked a day in his life or worried about making ends meet as most Americans do.

Supposedly the champion of the little guy, Kennedy is as far from that as one can get. How can he possibly have empathy with those of us who now face increasing living costs and stagnant wages?

Has Kennedy's relentless pursuit of unlimited immigration enriched America or simply caused overcrowding and racial and ethnic-based tensions?

Despite his documented history of infidelity, alcoholism and poor judgment, Kennedy repeatedly writes legislation supposedly based on morals and common decency.

Kennedy's behavior does not merit his stature.

When history evaluates Kennedy objectively, he will be exposed as a man without substance or integrity.

Long is a senior citizen who lives in the Tucson area.

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