Another [!] English Immigrant Ponders A Retreat To Europe; Peter Brimelow Reassures Him
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June 11, 2003

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From: Another [!] English Immigrant

I enjoyed reading your contribution to the debate, cogent as always.

However I think you are being a little optimistic in stating that 'By 2000, whites were down to 75.1%.' As I'm sure you are aware, the U.S. Government definition of who is white does cast the net rather wide.

To what extent would you go along with the notion that the US has passed the point of no return demographically, and that, for the next generation or two, the only realistic option is to head north and west?  After that, Civil War II?

In my own neck of the woods (California wine Country) 1/3 of the local population and 55% of the school enrolment is Hispanic. Aztlan next stop?

The reason I bring this up, as another expatriate Brit although from South Manchester not leafy Cheshire I'm afraid, is that I'm wondering whether your talents might be better employed in helping the Euros to think through their immigration dilemma rather than running the risk of being had up for cruelty to dead horses Stateside.

After all Europe is probably still salvageable whereas North America probably is not. And we may all need to go back there some day.

Peter Brimelow comments: It's extraordinary how often this idea of abandoning North America comes up, and usually from native-born Americans too. Quite frequently, it's the next thing people say right after denying that immigration is a problem at all. 

As I've said before, despair is a sin in politics as it is in Christian theology. You just never know what's going to turn up. It took thirty years to stop the first Great Wave of Immigration; if that's repeated, immigration could be completely cut off by 2010. And, as James Fulford notes today, immigration can be painlessly reversed. For example, switching off the Federal government's anti-white Doomsday Machine, whereby immigrants are immediately eligible for Affirmative Action quotas, would in effect reduce the policy-induced demand for immigrants. Anyway, the U.S. is a big place: there's a lot to be salvaged from the wreck.

Plus I prefer the climate.

p.s. of course, the Census does define "white" too broadly. But some portion of the "Hispanic" category is white. And more (along with some Asians) could probably be drawn into the "white" (or as I would prefer, "American") political coalition.

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