Connecting the Dots in San Jose
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February 26, 2003

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Two recent articles in the San Jose Mercury News can only lead one to believe that the reporting staff of newspaper are incompetent or intentionally not reporting the obvious truth or all the above. Both of these articles completely avoid the obvious issue of H1-B corporate replacement worker mercenaries.

The first article focuses on a meaningless "generational" angle in reporting the story of unemployment in the aftermath of the dot-com bubble burst. They fail to mention the real generational issue, which is the 20 something foreigners replacing 30/40 something American-born engineers. Also, note the picture of the unemployed workers. Seems like non-whites are not being laid off. When is the last time the San Jose Mercury News printed a picture with almost all whites? This is a very odd picture for a paper that only prints PC pictures. [How the tech crash became a generational divide, Feb. 09, 2003]

The second article focuses on the increase in the percent of Asian high tech workers, stagnation of African American and Hispanic high tech workers, and the decrease in woman high tech workers. Note the nationality of the employed worker pictured in the second article. [Diversity in the high-tech workplace, Feb. 14, 2003, By Jon Fortt]

There are some points the article glosses over:

  • Who is taking high tech jobs from women? This trend is likely more troubling for American-born women than the article states. Most women holding high tech jobs that I'm familiar with are foreign-born. So the numbers hide the likely fact that American-born women are the group being hit the hardest the by the risky H1-B scheme. Where are the feminists when you need them?

  • The reason that Asians are not taking over executive and management jobs is not a result of racism. It is because executive and management do not push government officials to create policies to replace themselves, reduce their own pay, or increase their hours worked. They only push for an increase in foreign workers to replace, oops, I mean temporarily help, over paid and lazy American high tech workers who just don't want to do their current job at half their current pay.

  • The article discusses the situation with regard to the 10 highest grossing tech companies. The situation is likely much worse for native-born Americans than the article indicates. Smaller high tech companies need to be more ruthless to stay afloat. Cheap foreign "help" is the easiest solution. In most of these companies American-born women are non-existent and the percentage of American-born men is falling quickly.

So will "newspapers" like the San Jose Mercury News ever connect the dots between the unemployed aging American-born workers and the dramatic increase in Asian foreign-born workers? Likely not. These two articles published 5 days apart are as close as they will likely get.

I won't even speculate on when such "newspapers" will write an article about what percent of Chinese-born managers hire 75% or more Chinese-born workers and what percent of Indian-born managers hire 75% or more Indian workers. So don't wait for me to mention it.

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