George Borjas Notes An Immigration Irony
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Abolishing Nebraska - A Reader Reports

From: Professor George Borjas:

Stuart Anderson, one of the libertarians setting policy at the INS, [VDARE.COM NOTE: Anderson is "Executive Associate Commissioner, Office of Policy and Planning" see org chart in PDF.], reviewed my book Heaven's Door for Reason Magazine. The review was obviously quite negative. He makes a comment in that review that may be quite relevant to his current situation.

In particular, he dismissed my argument that U.S. immigration policy would be better served by moving to a Canadian-style point system by noting the bureaucratic problems that such a system would introduce, and concluding "As if bureaucrats are well suited to handle any labor market decisions."

I wonder how inept he feels today about being a high-level apparatchik making precisely those types of decisions!

See also Stuart Anderson's review of Alien Nation

March 26, 2002

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