Nevada Politician Fawns on Mexican Government...
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From:  A D.C. Immigration Reform Leader
          [name withheld out of prudence]

A state senator in this story is trying to enlist the help of a foreign government to get elected to Congress. Unbelievable.

[U.S. Senator Harry] Reid, [Nevada State Senator Jon] Porter woo Mexican Consulate to Las Vegas
By Benjamin Grove
The Las Vegas Sun, March 1, 2001

…The consulate also could expedite visas for Mexican workers, help immigrants deal with the Immigration and Naturalization Service and promote Mexican businesses, as well as coordinate business expansion in both nations.

The issue has been a bit of a political football.

Members of the Nevada Hispanic Democratic Caucus in a press release earlier this month chided Porter for "embellishing his involvement" in promoting a consulate in an effort to win Hispanic voters. Porter is considered a leading Republican contender for Nevada's new third congressional district seat.

"People have been working on this for years," Porter said. "I just got involved because we were requested to by constituents….

March 12, 2001

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