Sam Dickson Says Payouts To Antifa Rioters In Pennsylvania Are A Sign The System Is Broken—And Something New Must Be Created
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Re: While White Jan 6 Protesters Rot In Jail, Philadelphia Pays $9.25 Million To BLM/Antifa Terrorists Who Burned, Looted City In 2020

From: Sam Dickson [Email him]

The settlement with the Antifa rioters in Pennsylvania is making national news [$9.25M Settlement Reached in 2020 Philly Protests Where Tear Gas Was Deployed, NBC Philadelphia, March 20, 2023].

We have a country in which there are many cities where these extremists can riot, attack the police and count on lucrative court ”settlements” making their rioting personally profitable as well as a source of funding and power for their movement itself.

Watch for lots more such settlements. The Antifa here in Atlanta are already working with their lawyers to bring a similar suit here.

The Obama administration funded leftist, anti-white movements by suing corporations for alleged discrimination and including in the ”settlements” provisions by which the corporations would pay millions of dollars to leftist groups.

I know of not one single case in which any adherent to our cause has received a penny despite the fact that there are many, many cases of outrageous System injustice to our people such as what happened in Charlottesville where—as shown in the report of the City’s own lawyer/investigator Timothy Heaphy—the black police chief ordered the police to turn a blind eye to violence against our people so as to create a pretext to shut down the white people’s rally.

This situation’s meaning is not found in a momentary sense of rage and injustice.

The meaning is far deeper than that: There is no hope in the System. There is no possibility of reform. The problem is that there is no hope for our people in a country and a System in which whole cities and even whole states are ”no-go” areas, areas in which Marxists and anarchists can riot, attack people and their property (as they have me in Atlanta) and then have the authorities and the so-called justice system hand over sacks of money derived overwhelmingly from the taxes paid by solvent white people to violent leftists and nonwhites.

These cities and States have mayors, governors and prosecutors who happily sign up for such collusive suits and settlements. Even if they are not thoroughly committed to the program, there is a practical argument for the settlements—the juries in such jurisdictions who will side with the plaintiffs and potentially return crushing verdicts.

Our people have no future (well, no bearable future) in such a country.

The meaning of this seems very clear and indeed indisputable to my mind. Maybe I am missing something, but I don’t think so.

The meaning is that there is no going back. Talk about ”restoring the Constitution” or sending Mr. Smith to Washington is not only a waste of time, it is harmful to our cause and our people.

And, beyond that, in our new state—which I think must be our goal—we must not look back to the Founding Fathers, their Enlightenment ideas and the failed system they created for any direction on how our new state will be set up. We must look at the failed experiment of America for instruction only in terms of lessons on what not to do.

I realize that my harsh opinions on this subject upset many people but I cannot find any evidence that leads me to believe there is hope in the System or cause to fetter our minds with a false sense of reverence for 1789.

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