VDARE - Letter from a [Part] Hispanic Reader
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A [part] Hispanic reader writes Peter Brimelow

I am very glad that you have placed this website on the Internet…

My mother was a Mexican national who immigrated to this country after she married my father in 1963. Nearly 90% of all the members of my family are Mexicans living in Mexico. As the offspring of a Mexican mother and an American father who has been a lifelong Californian I have been very interested in the subject of immigration and why we continue to carry out the most irresponsible set of immigration and naturalization laws in the history of the modern world.

I thoroughly enjoyed your book Alien Nation and thought that you had hit the nail on the head with regards to our current immigration fiasco. The Afterword section in the paperback copy I bought at Crown Books was worth the price of the book alone.

I can honestly tell you that if I did not have a personal connection to Mexico through my family that I would not be as critical of our current influx of Latin American immigrants as I am. Like you I know that the immigration enthusiasts and liberal activists are in absolute denial with regards to the constant influx of the underclass from Mexico and Central America. The constant importing of an ethnic underclass is the costliest thing that a society can do; both in financial terms and in human terms.

I am absolutely frustrated by the lack of an open discussion here in the Bay Area newspapers over immigration. My hometown Daily, the San Jose Mercury News is completely out to lunch. Their designated "Latino" columnist, Joe Rodriguez, is pathetic and incredibly disingenuous with his support of more and more underclass Mexicans for California. (He just endorsed the recent proposal to give blanket amnesty for several million more illegals saying that that they would be a great boon for [California's] economy.) He said that a study by a local community college showed that the 3.2 million illegals we granted amnesty to in '86 were "healthier" (how do they know that?), "more optimistic" (huh?) and "harder working" (oh really?) than the native-born population.

Thank God for KSFO Radio. I heard Michael Savage interview Dan Stein and Stein said that it is estimated that 80% of the illegals we granted amnesty to in '86 were only reading at about the fifth grade level or less. Then they were allowed to sponsor all their other relatives to come over.

Then the liberals like to complain about the growing income gap in California! Well, stop importing poverty.

What infuriates me is that none of the Latino activists or journalists ever accuses Mexico of being "anti-immigrant". Even worse, none of these groups can even bring themselves to criticize the absolutely abominable Institutional Revolutionary Party (or "PRI"); the ruling oligarchy that has been sodomizing the Mexican Republic for the last several decades. I believe the main reason why Mexicans were so slow to become naturalized citizens and start voting was because they came from a culture where there was no real incentive to vote because of the way the PRI had hijacked the electoral process.

Speaking of denial, is there anyone in the Republican Party who is going to lead the charge for immigration reform? If not, the Republicans will join Canada's Progressive Conservatives in political oblivion. The GOP has to see this coming. What are they waiting for? Who is going to be the Enoch Powell for America? Or is it really too late for that?

My prediction is that there will be some sort of alliance between Canadian & U.S. citizens in the future to stop the influx from the Third World into their respective countries.

What do you think....?

[Name withheld by request.]

March 28, 2000

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