2Kevins With Grace & Steel: 28 Sherman’s Ryan Landry interviewed, Why I Hate Soccer, etc.
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Episode 11 of my podcast with Kevin Steel is now posted here. In Part 1, I interview the young man who writes the excellent 28 Sherman blog. He calls himself Son of Brock Landers and, latterly, Ryan Landry. These are both noms de plume; we actually don’t know his real name.

I talk with him about the Social Justice Warrior-inspired terror that compels the new generation of bloggers to disguise their identities, the corresponding culture of conformity that bids fair to suffocate the Western world and the incipient reaction against this, as exemplified by the insurgent presidential candidacy of “Smug Pepe,” AKA Donald Trump. We also discuss what Landry has dubbed “Weimerica”—the proud embrace of nihilism by our elite and its consequences. In Part 2 of the podcast, I put the boot into the “beautiful game,” AKA soccer.

In other 2Kevins news, Kevin Steel has done a fine job of remastering the YouTube videos of our feature A Year of Cinema: My 52 Favourite Films. In Week 10, I sing the praises of Bob le flambeur, the 1956 gangster film by Jean-Pierre Melville, self-styled “right-wing anarchist” and cat lover.



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