A "Haitian Woman" Rather Than A "Wellesley Woman" Sentenced For Running Over A White Girl Who Had Been Struck By A Car
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A reader sent this in:

According to a Friday statement from the Norfolk District Attorney’s office, Dania Antoine-Guiteau attempted to pull around a stopped car that had struck best friends and Needham High students, Adrienne Garrido and Talia Newfield in July 2018. Talia Newfield died from her injuries after being hit by Antoine-Guiteau’s vehicle. Both teens were first struck by a car driven by Robert Berry. [A white man]

[DA: Wellesley woman sentenced after running over, killing Needham teen, by Bryan Lambert, Boston 25, December 9, 2022]

He pointed out that the woman is a Haitian rather than a Wellesley woman, asking sarcastically, ”I wonder what connection if any she has to Wellesley?”

Well, I assume she's ”townie” in Wellesley, MA, rather than associated with the famous womens' college, as she's a Haitian woman who can't really speak English.

How do we know that? Well, in 2019 a ”judge continued the co-defendants’ case after the court was unable to locate a Haitian-Creole interpreter to assist Antoine-Guiteau” [Defendants in traffic homicide case appear in court, by Trevor Ballantyne, WickedLocal.com, November 1, 2019].

Translator is one of the search terms Ann Coulter recommends [SECRET DECODER RING FOR IMMIGRANT CRIMES ] in Adios, America for determining if a crime is committed by an immigrant, since both the police and the MSM have policies of deliberately concealing this.

It is not, by the way, a slam-dunk that a black woman arrested for dangerous driving is not connected with a major university.

See the case of Imani Perry [Email her], professor of African-American studies at Princeton University, (still!) below:


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