Address Labels For Our Anonymous Friends
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Opening the mail is one of the highlights of my day, especially this time of year when Christmas cards (and checks!) are involved. You are really the best people! I wish Peter and I could meet every single one of you personally and say thank you.

One of our anonymous donors wrote in on Monday, supplying an address label template:

"Donors can print this page, cut them out, and tape them on the envelope to make it easier. OR EVEN BETTER this page can be printed on the very common Avery 5160 or 8160 label sheets."

So handy. 

Whether you want to give extra-anonymously (no handwriting!) or just prep a whole bunch of envelopes for us -- your life is now easier thanks to our fellow patriot! I've linked to the pdf on the donate page, right under the printer friendly form. But you can also find them here

And, to our anonymous donors: You may be in the shadows, but we think of you fondly and say "thank you!" Merry Christmas to you too!

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