AEI's Arthur Brooks: GOP Winning The Support Of Hispanics Who Don't Show Up To Vote...!!?
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Arthur Brooks is head of The American Enterprise Institute. I was rendered almost speechless by his idea that the  GOP is winning the support of Hispanics who don't show up to vote, and that this represents an "opening."

He's boasting about it on Twitter, here:

And a friend emailed a copy of his WSJ Op-Ed:

Arthur Brooks: The GOP's Hispanic Opening | Half the Hispanics eligible to vote don't. They are the ones most likely to call themselves 'political conservatives.',  May 15, 2013

Commenters at the WSJ were not speechless, however: see our main article today: John Derbyshire Says If There Is Hope, It Lies In The Comment Threads.


There are none so blind as those who will not see. And in this regard, Brooks is as blind as a brickbat. He doesn't WANT to see. If wealthy people in this nation cannot understand how they are destroying the middle class and expanding the welfare state (into infinity and beyond) among the poor, then there is probably no way of reasoning with them. Cheap labor keeps our poor citizens even poorer and restricts job creation for the unemployed in their ranks. Every rational study done shows that third world immigrants will cost far more than they can ever pay out in taxes. A child could understand this.

Phil Solarz Wrote:

Even if Romney won 100% of the Hispanic vote, he would have not won. If he would have gotten just 3% more of the white vote, he would have. We passed an immigration bill in 1986, one that promised would end all immigration problems. We were promised they would secure our borders, they were not, we were lied to.

This country needs to get back some morals and return to it's conservative beginnings. The communists have taken over and as we can see in the press today, we are under an attack by our federal government. This is the government our forefathers warned us about.

Bill Smith Wrote:

The muddled thinking displayed by Mr. Brooks, who I otherwise like, is astounding. The GOP can try everything he suggests WITHOUT handing the Dems millions of new voters via "immigration reform". Once the Hispanic vote participation DOES significantly increase, to say the GOP will capture those votes is laughable. That voting percentage will increase as Dems offer them more and more handouts, and guess what, those new voters are not voting GOP. Such self delusion.

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