After Harvard's Roland Fryer Found No Racial Bias In Police Shootings, He Lived Under Police Protection For A Month
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From an excellent Twitter post by DC Draino:

Roland Fryer is an economics professor at Harvard He’s also black In 2016 he published a study showing police don’t disproportionately kill unarmed black men SJW outrage ensued His Dean at the time, Claudine Gay, put him on leave for 2 years When asked about her recent downfall for anti-semitism and plagiarism, he said karma is a “motherf**ker” Goodness prevails once again

And what was Mr. DC Draino referring to?

Harvard professor says ‘all hell broke loose’ when his study found no racial bias in police shootings: Roland Fryer said he lived under police protection during the fallout of his study, Fox News, February 16, 2024

A Harvard professor said that “all hell broke loose” and he was forced to go out in public with armed security after he published a study that found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings.

During a sit-down conversation with Bari Weiss of The Free Press, Harvard Economics Professor Roland Fryer discussed the fallout from a 2016 study he published on racial bias in Houston policing.

The study found that police were more than twice as likely to manhandle, beat or use some other kind of nonfatal force against blacks and Hispanics than against people of other races. However, the data also determined that officers were 23.8 percent less likely to shoot at blacks and 8.5 percent less likely to shoot at Hispanics than they were to shoot at whites.

When Fryer claimed the data showed “no racial differences in officer-involved shootings,” he said, “all hell broke loose,” and his life was upended.

Fryer received the first of many complaints and threats four minutes after publication.

“You’re full of s—t,” the sender said.

Fryer said people quickly “lost their minds” and some of his colleagues refused to believe the results after months of asking him not to print the data.

“I had colleagues take me to the side and say, ‘Don’t publish this. You’ll ruin your career,'” Fryer revealed.

The world-renowned economist knew from comments by faculty that he was likely to garner backlash. Fryer admitted that he anticipated the results of the study would be different and would confirm suspicions of racial bias against minorities. When the results found no racial bias, Fryer hired eight new assistants and redid the study. The data came back the same.

After the report was published, Fryer lived under police protection for over a month. He had a seven-day-old daughter at the time and went shopping for diapers.

“I was going to the grocery store to get diapers with the armed guard. It was crazy. It was really, truly crazy,” he said.

Fryer, who became the youngest tenured Black professor at Harvard at age 30, was suspended for two years from the university in 2019 after he allegedly engaged in “unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature.“ He continues to deny the allegations.

At the time, then-Harvard dean Claudine Gay claimed Fryer’s research and conduct with other employees “exhibited a pattern of behavior” that failed to meet expectations within the community.

“The totality of these behaviors is a clear violation of institutional norms and a betrayal of the trust,” she said.

So there is no racial bias in police shootings in America, but the black professor who proved this (and then completely redid the study to make sure it was correct) had to live under police protection for a month because of the results of the finding.

Even to the point of needing armed guards when simply going to the grocery store to get diapers.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent to which the narrative must be protected: a black economist needing to have private security to protect him from people mad about him proving (twice) there is no racial bias in police shootings.

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