Allan Wall Discusses Oklahoma “Indian Reservation“ Situation on Chuck Wilder‘s Talkback, 12:00 Noon Central, 1 P.M. Eastern , 10 A.M. West Coast
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Allan Wall is scheduled to appear on Chuck Wilder‘s Talkback Show on Tuesday, July 12, at 12:00 Noon Central Time (1 p.m. Eastern Time, 10 a.m. West Coast Time).   The topic is the situation in Oklahoma in which 43% of the state has been declared Indian Country as a result of the Supreme Court McGirt decision (see here), which has been slightly limited by the more recent Castro-Huerta decision (see here), although the principal problem remains and may expand into tax policy and other areas. 

 Here is Talkback‘s blogspot, you can listen here.  There's also an app, you type in #250 and say "CRN" to get the app. 

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