Allan Wall Launches New Website:
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I’d like to announce to VDARE.COM readers that I’m launching a new website, the Mexico News Report. at

For a long time I’ve felt that U.S. Main Stream Media coverage of Mexico leaves a lot to be desired.   

They run stories on Mexico, but typically the reporters don’t seem to be trying that hard.  They ignore critical facets of Mexican society.  They follow the same predictable narratives.  

There’s just something missing. 

And they don’t always seem too concerned with getting the facts right. 

During the 1990s, while I was residing in Mexico, I read a New York Times article about the metropolitan area in which I resided.  The article had a major error about the region.  It wasn’t a difficult, esoteric or controversial topic.  Yet the Times got it wrong. 

It made me wonder what else they are getting wrong. 

I wrote the New York Times with a correction.  Of course I never heard from the Gray Lady.  I assume my letter was just tossed in File Thirteen. 

To me that anecdote typifies the slipshod approach to Mexico news.

I’ve been writing for VDARE.COM since 2001, presenting perspectives from Mexico relating to immigration and the National Question.  I think these perspectives are very important for Americans to understand. 

From 2008 to 2018, I wrote columns on Mexico for They were about Mexican politics and other topics.  But in 2018, that website suddenly disappeared, though it exists as a Twitter site.

From time to time I write articles for Mexconnect, an English-language website that deals mostly with culture, tourism, and expat life in Mexico. 

Now I’m launching my own website, Mexico News Report.   I couldn’t have done it alone.  A friend of my son set it up for me. 

My goal for the website is to report on Mexican news and hopefully provide some information and perspectives about Mexico not usually covered in the U.S. Mainstream English-Language Media.  

The new website is now online with its first installment. 

I invite VDARE.COM readers to check it out.  Click here to visit Mexico News Report.

Of course I plan to continue writing for VDARE.COM. It’s too exciting and critical a time not to. 

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