At Clorox Global Headquarters In Oakland, Private Security Guards Escort Employees to BART, Parking Garages, And Restaurants Because Of Out Of Control Black Crime
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The global headquarters of Clorox is located in Oakland, California, a 26 percent white, 28 percent black, and 26 percent Hispanic city.

So what’s the quality of life in this racial paradise, where the white population is at most a plurality and non-whites make up 74 percent of the population (Asians are 16 percent of Oakland’s population)?

Clorox hires extra security to protect Oakland employees from crime,, January 31, 2024
Clorox has hired additional uniformed security guards to protect employees at its Oakland headquarters, KRON4 News has confirmed. The security guards are being tasked with safely escorting employees to and from BART, parking garages, local restaurants and coffee shops, according to a statement from Clorox.

Clorox also said it had conducted safety awareness trainings in partnership with the BART Police Department. The company said it regularly shares “safety and awareness trainings” in partnership with BART police, and also regularly shares “safety messages and practices.”

“Oakland has been our global headquarters for more than 110 years, and we are committed to making the city better and safer for everyone,” the company said. “We’re actively working with local business leaders to identify ways we can collaborate to make Oakland safety for our collective workforce and the entire community.”

Last week, another employer headquartered in downtown Oakland, Kaiser Permanente, issued an advisory to its employees to remain inside during breaks and lunch hours due to security concerns in the area.

Yes, employees of Clorox need security guards to safely escort them to their modes of transportation because of the criminal threat they face from primarily non-white thugs who terrorize the city of Oakland.

Not only that, but Kaiser Permanente issued an “advisory to its employees to remain inside during breaks and lunch hours” because of the security concerns black and brown criminals pose in Oakland. It’s a war zone, basically.

So what is the source of the idea that black and brown people are responsible for Clorox employees needing security escorts to their vehicles or BART? The Oakland Homicide Problem Analysis 2016-2017 report is a good start [Oakland Homicide Problem Analysis 2016-2017: Oakland Police Department California Partnership for Safe Communities]:

Summary Observations: Characteristics of Those Involved in Homicide

  • • Suspects and victims of homicide in Oakland are primarily African- American and Hispanic men between the ages of 18-34.
  • Summary Observations (1) :
    Groups, Gangs, and Networks at High Risk of Violence

    • • Oakland PD identified 66 groups and gangs currently active and at significant risk of involvement in violence as of 2017.
    • • These groups and gangs have an estimated currently active membership of 1540-1770 members (0.43% of Oakland’s population).
    • • These groups tend to be primarily African American, primarily Latino, or primarily Asian, though some are racially mixed.
    • Summary Conclusions (1)

      • • Gun violence is a long-term, durable problem in Oakland.
      • • Highest Risk Population: Risk of violence in Oakland continues to be concentrated among African American and Latino men between 18-35, with extensive criminal justice system involvement and social connections to street groups and gangs. This population of at-risk young men is only 0.43% of Oakland’s population.
      • • Drivers of Violence: The majority of homicides in Oakland continue to be driven by ongoing conflicts between these groups, between individual members, and by grasp members engaging in other types of crime.
      • • Minimal Role of Drugs: All categories of drug-related homicide combined represent only 13% of total homicides (15 incidents).



Moral of the story? Oakland, and for that matter all of the USA, needs a Nayib Bukele. Then Clorox wouldn’t need to hire security guards to escort employees safely to their mode of transportation…

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