Battle Lines for 2024 Are Drawn: Trump Will Confront ”Anti-White” Racism If He Wins
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The upcoming election in 2024 couldn’t be clearer: The Republican nominee for President is now openly acknowledging just how anti-white the nation is, meaning the Democrats will run on a platform of not only maintaining, but advancing the anti-white platform.

DEI destroyer? Trump vows to crush ‘anti-white’ racism if he wins 2024 election, USA Today, May 1, 2024

Lending his voice to anti-DEI fervor sweeping the Republican party, Donald Trump telegraphed a dramatic shift to America’s approach to civil rights if he wins a second term as president, vowing to focus on “anti-white” racism, not on racism against people of color.

Asked about supporters who believe anti-white racism now represents a greater problem than anti-Black racism, the former president told Time magazine: “I think there is a definite anti-white feeling in this country and that can’t be allowed.”

In the exclusive interview, Trump also said he would use the U.S. military to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants; deploy the National Guard to quash protests and gut the U.S. civil service.

Trump on board with plan to curb ‘affirmative discrimination’

Led by the Heritage Foundation think tank—which has helped mold the policies of Republican administrations since the Reagan presidency—conservative activists have drawn up an expansive plan known as Project 2025 in anticipation of Trump’s return to power.

One of the goals of the presidential transition plan is reversing “the DEI revolution” by eliminating policies and programs such as affirmative action which Project 2025 calls “affirmative discrimination.”

The plan broadly reflects where Trump’s policy stood at the end of his presidency in 2020. In September of that year, his administration issued an executive order prohibiting racial sensitivity training by the federal government and government contractors.

The order had an immediate chilling effect on efforts to reverse historical patterns of discrimination and exclusion in the workplace. President Joe Biden rescinded the order after taking office in January 2021.

Trump aides, allies attack ‘DEI revolution’

During the Biden administration, conservative activists picked up the mantle, claiming white workers are being unfairly disadvantaged by DEI initiatives that benefit minorities.

GOP-led legislatures have introduced dozens of bills to restrict DEI in education, state government, contracting and pension investments.

Last year’s Supreme Court decision striking down affirmative action in college admissions set off a wave of legal challenges from former Trump administration official Stephen Miller and anti-affirmative-action activist Edward Blum. Billionaires Elon Musk and Bill Ackman have also assailed DEI efforts as “racist.”

Two men fought for jobs in a river town 50 years later, the nation is still divided.

These efforts have gained momentum. In 2021, a federal judge in Florida blocked a debt relief program for Black farmers. Last month, a federal judge in Texas ruled that a government agency created to boost the fortunes of minority-owned businesses was discriminating against white people and must now serve everyone, regardless of race.

Civil rights advocates reject the notion that America has a problem with anti-white racism.

Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, said conservative activists are “advocating for the return of white privilege.”

“They’re advocating for the policies that were used during a segregated America,” Morial told USA TODAY in March.

We’ve come a long way from George W. Bush’s “Compassionate Conservatism” or the lame euphemism of “the bigotry of low expectations.” The anti-white agenda from the Left is out of the toothpaste tube and it’s not going back in, leaving us with one reality: Trump is just the beginning of the pushback against the anti-white agenda of diversity, equity, and inclusion. What comes after will be far more aligned with those individuals who have long pushed for white people to take their own side.

After all, in a multiracial society, democracy is just a racial headcount: We are now at the point where white people are realizing it is moral and ethical to take their own side.

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