Before She Libelled UVA, Sabrina Ruben Erdely Libeled The Catholic Church And US Military
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Sabrina Ruben Erdely, a highly paid professional writer for ROLLING STONE, wrote a libelous story about UVA, the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, and Dean Nicole Eramo based on the lies told by a girl named Jackie Coakley. It's not her fault, she says, she was lied to:
“It wasn’t a mistake to rely on someone [so] emotionally fragile,” Erdely said softly on the witness stand, as her voice broke and tears flowed in an otherwise silent courtroom. “It was a mistake to rely on someone who was intent to deceive me.”

Day 4: Erdely gives scarring testimony Hawes Spencer, 10/20/16

However, in a previous article, she wrote a libelous article about the Catholic Church,  also based on an unreliable witness, and in a third article, she wrote a libelous article about the US military—also based on an unreliable witness.

Here's the Catholic Church story:

And here's the US Military story:

In an article in 2014 I wrote that

We’ve seen Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s Rolling Stone article about the UVA rape deconstructed, refuted, and retracted. Eugene Gant and the Catholic League’s Bill Donahue have both noted that Erdely’s apparent lack of elementary skepticism earlier caused her to believe an improbable accuser in the case of an alleged pedophile priest. [Before Rolling Stone Was Conned By ‘Jackie’ They Fell for ‘Billy’., December 6, 2014] So this rape-in-the-military story is her third strike.

The discredited Sabrina Rubin Erdely [Email her]  describes one woman’s “victimization” in terms that show that Erdely doesn’t have a sufficient skepticism to keep her from falling for conmen on the street who need gas money to get their wife to a hospital.

The night before, February 12th, 2010, [Rebecca Blumer] and some friends had gone to a bar not far from base for a couple of beers. Three Army guys – one with light hair, the other two dark-haired – had sent Blumer a shot of Jägermeister, a drink she didn’t care much for but had downed anyway. The light-haired man had rounded the bar to talk to her. The last thing ­Blumer remembered was being overwhelmed by a dizzy, sluggish feeling, her limbs and head too heavy to lift, the ­noises in the bar rising up and caving in on her. Only later would Blumer find out the rest: that at 1:40 a.m., police had noticed her driving with her headlights off. That she’d barely been able to stand upright during her field sobriety test, but when placed under arrest she’d gone berserk, trying to break free of the police car and screaming incoherently. In jail, she’d yelled for a doctor and fought with the cops so ­wildly that she’d been hosed down in an effort to quiet her. Now, crouching in her cell with a swollen jaw; bruises smudging her wrists, ankles and neck; her abdomen sore inside; and her lower back and buttocks afire with what felt like rug burn, it dawned on ­Blumer. She’d been roofied and raped.

Either that—or had an alcoholic blackout. Blumer can’t remember what happened, and this common in alcoholic blackouts, which can be caused simply by excessive drinking. It’s happened to me, although not for thirty-plus years.
There was actually a drug test—reported by Erdely— which came up negative. Leon Wolf of RedState, who doesn't like us, not only came to the same conclusion, but verified it by original reporting with interviews with USN personnel. Quote from Wolf:
The point of this story is this: the evidence is clear all over the face of this story that Erdely – as enabled by her editors at Rolling Stone – has a serial habit of reporting rapes without conducting any more fact checking than she did of the UVA story. It is facially obvious that she did not talk to the accused rapist because there wasn’t one. There is no evidence that she talked with anyone who was present at any of the bars where Ms. Blumer drank on the night before her DUI to attempt to verify even her story about meeting the three guys. And, again: the sources who spoke to RedState were clear that Ms. Erdely made no effort to contact any member of the Naval command who was involved with the investigation to get their side of the story with respect to what manner of investigation was conducted into Ms. Blumer’s allegations or what that investigation revealed.

After an exhaustive investigation that spanned a year and a half (which Erdely and Rolling Stone ignored and/or did no research into whatsoever), no one was able to produce any evidence that a sexual assault had occurred, physical or otherwise. The alleged victim herself had no recollection of it happening, did not report it to the police who arrested her, and had a ready motive for latching on to the narrative, which is that it would have stopped or possibly prevented punishment at the hands of her military superiors and possibly prevented her from permanently losing the top secret clearance necessary to keep her job.

Sabrina Rubin Erdely's OTHER Possibly Fake Rape Story | RedState, April 7, 2015

I'm sure Wolf would reject as deplorable Steve Sailer's suggestion that Erdely was motivated by "anti-Gentilic" prejudice. After all, as Steve admits, "anti-Gentilic"  isn't even a word.

But there does seem to be a pattern here. And the anti-military and anti-Church stories are still online, unretracted. And now that you know about Erdely's (and Rolling Stone's credibility) in these cases, here's what Rolling Stone is doing now:


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