Biden Making CRT Our Official State Ideology With Susan Rice (!) As Commissar Of Goodthink
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The most sinister political development of recent days was the February 16th signing by Joe Biden of an executive order imposing Critical Race Theory on the entire federal bureaucracy.

So we don’t just have an administrative state now; we have an administrative state obsessed with “equity,“ which of course means properly proportional employment for women, blacks, homosexuals, and any other identifiable group… sorry, I mean “community“… heretofore insufficiently represented—cross-eyed people, perhaps, or left-handers, or the lactose-intolerant.

Associated Press reported that:

Chiraag Bains, the president’s deputy assistant for racial justice and equity, said that the new order shows Biden is “doubling down“ on the commitment he made on his first day as president “to put equity at the center of how this government operates.“

So if you were thinking that Critical Race Theory was just some transient fringe cult that a few kooky Goodwhite teachers were trying to impose on schoolkids, now you know better. It’s our official state ideology, with the clear stamp of presidential authority, to which the entire federal bureaucracy must pay homage.

As if Biden’s executive order by itself wasn’t sufficiently chilling, we learned shortly afterwards that the lead enforcer of that order will be Susan Rice, who first showed up on Radio Derb back in October 2012 as one of what I called “the Three Horsegirls of the Libyan apocalypse.“ She was actually number two of the three as I listed them. Number one was Samantha Power; number three was then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself.

Susan Rice looks well placed to do to the USA what she and the other two horsegirls did to Libya. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Setting aside what the dumb incompetent Ms. Rice may actually do to us, what would she and the other people pushing Critical Race Theory from the White house, what would they like to do?

The phrase that comes to my mind here is “Political Commissar.“ The most familiar examples of Political Commissars were those in the Red Army of the USSR. They were experts in the Soviet ideology assigned to all units of the army, down to the company level, to make sure that the unit stayed politically correct. I’m not very surprised to learn, looking the term up on Wikipedia, that the job title of Political Commissar originated in the French Revolution.

As communism developed, Political Commissars were planted all over, not just in the military. The Party Secretaries I got to know at my own work unit in communist China performed the same function. Schools, colleges, business companies, sports leagues,… in a communist country any kind of organization gets stuck with Political Commissars to keep the organization on the ideological straight and narrow.

Our ruling class is aiming for something similar. In business corporations the Human Resources Departments are now, in effect, Political Commissariats. Employees known to harbor anti-regime opinions can be reported to HR for correction; or, if they persist in defiance, can be fired.

Now the federal government has its very own cadre of Political Commissars, with Susan Rice in overall charge. So the noose tightens; so our liberties fall away.

What’s that? You don’t approve? Correct your thinking, comrade!


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