Biden Regime Doesn’t Appeal Federal Stay Of Parole. But Why Should It?
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The Biden Regime won’t appeal a federal judge’s ruling that blocked the Parole/ATD program that the regime was using to colonize the heartland with illegal aliens who were stopped at the southwest border. Traitor Joe’s Treason Lobby attorneys inside the Department of Homeland Security let the deadline pass, Andrew Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies says, because they couldn’t win. Thus will the order stand. That doesn’t mean Biden will stop releasing illegals. The Great Replacement must go on.

Parole/ATD (alternatives to detention) was yet another of Biden’s illegal justifications to release the illegals. Pursuant to a lawsuit from Florida, U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell blocked because it violated the Administrative Procedure Act. The regime ignores APA, which governs how the federal agencies promulgate rules and regulations, to rush Great Replacement policies into effect. Trump appointee Wetherell said nothing doing, and also noted that Biden is breaking the law by not detaining illegals.

Arthur believes Biden’s torpedoes dropped the case for three reasons:

DOJ — regardless of the administration — rarely appeals cases it will not win. Any number of critics attacked Judge Wetherell for purported errors in law or fact, but respectfully, I didn’t see any.

Second, the administration ran the risk of bad precedent. It’s axiomatic that district court opinions have no “precedential effect,” even with respect to the other judges in the district. Circuit court opinions, on the other hand, are binding on all the judges in the circuit, at least until they are overturned or vacated, and Supreme Court determinations on questions of law bind all other courts.

Third, the Biden administration appears to be abandoning Parole+ATD anyway. In December, Border Patrol released more than 130,500 illegal entrants under that program, but there were “just” 5,214 Parole+ATD releases in January, and a grand total of 28 in February.

[Biden’s DOJ Doesn’t Appeal Court’s Blockbuster Order on Parole, March 21, 2023]

But then Arthur noted this: Releases under a Notice to Appear/Own Recognizance and zooming right along. Biden released 32,243 under NTA/OR in January and February.

Total releases since October 1 for the two categories (Parole/ATD plus NTA/OR) were 255,037 and 79,671, or 334,708.

That’s 32.5 percent of the 1,029,953 illegals whom border agents encountered. Undoubtedly, Biden has released more than that. And they don’t count illegals who slipped past border agents.

Since February 2021, his first full month in office, border agents have encountered about 4.85 million illegals, and Biden is releasing as many as he can.

If the GOP in the U.S. House of Representatives can’t impeach for that, the party is useless.

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