Biden’s Child Trafficking Atrocity: HEED Tara Lee Rodas!
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Earlier this month I posted COULD The Biden Regime POSSIBLY Have Ramped Up The Unaccompanied Child (UAC) Program… To Supply Pedophile Rings? This laid out the reasons why I fear the awful allegations in the headline may be true.

The core of this essay was a written synopsis of a devastating interview between Jessica Vaughan of the CIS and Tara Lee Rodas Unaccompanied and Unsafe: Biden Policies Facilitate Exploitation and Abuse of Child Migrants [Parsing Immigration Policy, Episode 126, by Jessica M. Vaughan and Tara Lee Rodas, Center for Immigration Studies, October 12, 2023].

Tara Lee Rodas, still a Federal official (I think), is emerging as a heroine leader in opposition to this scandal.

Today she reposted on her Twitter/X account an appeal that concerned citizens should comment on the proposed regulation to further weaken the feeble restraints there are on this trafficking:

TRUTHTRENCH Deadline: December 4, 2023


94 copy/pastes, and you can do it from the couch! We NEED everyone to please do this


Frankly, I know nothing about Truth Trench but here they have done a fine job in laying out what to do.

The Tara Lee Rodas Twitter/X account @taraleerodas has become an excellent way of following this scandal.

Lest anyone is inclined to shrug off the worst possibilities of this atrocity they should read Padraic O’Bannon: Maybe the Biden Regime IS Sex Trafficking Kids. After All, It Hired An Advocate For Underage Homosexual Prostitution.


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