Black Gunman In Oklahoma Killed Own Black Doctor, Three Whites
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Earlier I wrote that black Oklahoma shooter Michael Louis's  race had been, rather unusually, included in early reporting.

Now the Washington Post is taking it out:

The Daily Beast's Noah Kirsch, whose job title, believe it or not, is Wealth and Power Reporter, says that Lous targeted his doctor because he, Louis, was in continual pain after back surgery.

Tulsa Gunman Ranted to His Surgeon Then Bought a Rifle 3 Hours Before Hospital Massacre


Michael Louis, 45, killed four people and himself after complaining repeatedly about back pain following surgery, Tulsa police said.

June 2, 2022

This is part of the pattern that we call a "Disgruntled Minority Massacre", the difference being that his motive in attacking his black surgeon, Dr. Preston Phillips, was not racial

By the way, this is not the only case of someone in continuing pain attacking his doctor. The Daily Beast reports the case of a white gunman who had the same motive:

Last year, a Minnesota man killed one person and wounded four in a mass shooting he claimed he carried out to bring attention to the pain he had been experiencing after back surgery.

This may have been caused by what Reason Magazine calls opiophobia—doctors' fear of prescribing enough painkiller to actually kill pain, because of the constant threat of Federal drug prosecution.

And as for the racial angle, three out of four of Michael Louis's murder victims were white:

They'll be mentioned in next month's "Death of White America" column, and we haven't even had time to post LAST month's.

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