Brock Crock Re VDARE.COM'S. Sailer
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David Brock seemed a nice and gentle person on the one occasion I met him - a memorable 1995 American Spectator dinner at which Newt Gingrich attacked Robert Novak for saying the GOP wasn't going to touch Affirmative Action, and then said anyway it couldn't. And I later felt kind of sorry for Brock because of the beating he took from the mindless Beltway Right over what seemed to be a nuanced book on Hilary Clinton - rather like, I thought, the beating I had taken from them over my nuanced book on immigration, Alien Nation. I even made a mental note to write to him, but of course never did.

However, the work Brock has done since he changed sides and became a liberal "media watchdog" is silly and stupid. Essentially, it consists of squealing like a stuck pig when some political correctness taboo is violated, without any regard for the rational content of the argument. The late Sam Francis was easily able to squash Brock like a bug when he started a campaign to get Sam's column dropped by Creators Syndicate. But I have no doubt that, on a certain kind of corporate journalist this squealing works.

Brock has now attacked NBC Nightly News for interviewing Steve Sailer on movies, on the grounds that this "far-right columnist" writes for...VDARE.COM.

Reading the quotes assembled to prove VDARE.COM's heinousness, many of them written by me, I am again struck by the utter absence of any attempt to subject them to rational criticism. Brock's position is simply that certain subjects just must not be addressed. He wants repression, not debate. We are dealing with hysteria. Anybody got a bucket of cold water?

Steve's reflections on his unacknowledged contribution to Brock's career here.

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