Bustamante Visit Cancelled
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Jorge Bustamante, the UN Rapporteur who was supposed to be visiting Virginia in support of illegal immigration, has canceled his visit, reason unknown, according to the Washington Post:
Wednesday, June 11, 2008; Page B02


U.N. Official Delays Immigrant-Related Visit

A United Nations human rights official has postponed a planned visit to inspect the treatment of immigrant workers in Prince William County, according to the activist group Mexicans Without Borders. The group had welcomed the outside scrutiny, saying the county's illegal-immigration policies have "created a climate where suspicion and terror thrive."

Jorge A. Bustamante, a U.N. special rapporteur for human rights of migrants, called off a visit planned for yesterday and today. In a letter to Mexicans Without Borders, Bustamante cited "something unexpected of extreme gravity" that was "totally outside of my control" as a reason and did not indicate when he would reschedule the trip.

Opponents of illegal immigrants in the county had planned to protest Bustamante's trip, during which he intended to meet with county officials as well as immigrant residents.

— Nick Miroff
Just a reminder—when the UN was set up in 1945, it was hoped that it would prevent one country from invading another, not assist in doing so.
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