CBS/ Catherine Herridge Scandal Raises Crucial Question: Can Black Women Be Trusted With Power?
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On February 13 CBS News surprised by firing Catherine Herridge, a very productive investigative reporter.

Surprise turned to outrage when it materialized the network had seized her files, computers, and records, including information on privileged sources. Jonathan Turley commented in Bad Times at Black Rock: CBS Causes Uproar After Seizing the Notes of Investigative Reporter, Res ipsa loquitur, February 23, 2024 that

The position of CBS has alarmed many, including the union, as an attack on free press principles by one of the nation’s most esteemed press organizations.

One former CBS journalist said that…he had never seen a seizure of records from a departing journalist, and that the move had sent a “chilling signal” in the ranks of CBS.

Hurley raises the key point:

The timing of Herridge’s termination immediately raised suspicions in Washington. She was pursuing stories that were unwelcomed by the Biden White House including…the Biden corruption scandal and the Hunter Biden laptop. She continued to pursue these stories despite reports of pushback from CBS executives, including CBS News President Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews.

The link is to CBS sparks outrage over firing of Catherine Herridge, ‘lone voice’ at network probing Hunter Biden laptop, by Alexandra Steigrad, New York Post, February 14, 2024.

Hmm. Unprecedented riding roughshod over professional ethics and traditional norms (to say nothing of ordinary fairness) in pursuit of partisan objectives… haven’t we seen a lot of this recently?

Of course! Ingrid Ciprián-Matthews is yet another black woman in power (also Hispanic—an affirmative action twofer)!

She ascended to the CBS News Presidency in August 2023 despite an appalling and documented record of ethnic particularism:

The new president of CBS News has been accused of using her clout to promote minorities while unfairly sidelining white journalists—a “woke” and “divisive” practice that sparked multiple employee complaints and a major internal probe in 2021, The Post has learned.

‘Woke’ CBS News president got job despite HR probe over bias accusations, sidelining white journalists: sources, by Alexandra Steigrad, January 9, 2024

Even before rising to the News Presidency, Ciprián-Matthews seems to have been operating like Harvard’s former President: Claudine Gay’s DEI Empire, by Christopher F. Rufo, City Journal, December 18, 2023.

Misbehavior by black women in power has become endemic as I noted in Current Black Prosecutor Malfeasance Cases Suggest James/Engoron Trump Looting Thesis All Too Plausible. Ann Coulter noticed the same thing in Claudine Gay, Marilyn Mosby, Kim Gardner—What Have BLACK WOMEN IN CHARGE Accomplished? (Besides Not Being White Men).

All too often giving power to these people results in a riot of ethnically driven outrages—see Intelligent Leftist Appalled By Commissar Chutkan and Willis And Chutkan: Red Diaper Anti-White Law Officers Who Spell “Justice” As “Politics.

And then there is Letitia James.

Scott Greer has had a nightmare about her: The DMV Lady Tyrant—Letitia James may be the liberal authoritarian of our worst nightmares, Highly Respected, February 23, 2024.

Her ability to wield state power against the Right should gravely concern the country. But to liberals, her tyrannical zeal is a selling point. Worst of all, it may make her the Democratic nominee in 2028…

I’ve previously discussed the possibility of a “Blue Caesar” in several podcasts. This concept refers to a Democratic president who would discard the Constitution and institute liberal tyranny in America…

God help America if someone like James becomes commander in chief.

This well-reasoned essay should be read in full.

My own view is that in the current state of the U.S, political and intellectual climate, black women cannot be trusted with power at all.








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