Chilean Gangs Plundering Detroit Suburbs: Work Detroiters Won’t (Can’t?) Do
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ZeroHedge knows how to write a headline. Contrast South American Gangs Target Dozens Of Mansions In Detroit, by Tyler Durden, December 9, 2023 with the ineptitude (or worse) of the one from their source, WXYZ Detroit: Surveillance video captures high-end break-ins; sheriff announces task force.

Also a story: you have to wade through several paragraphs at WXYZ to reach the facts in ZH’s second:

at least 30 to 40 homes in upscale neighborhoods across Detroit have been targeted by ”highly functional and well-trained” gangs from South America this fall.

Thieves are using high-tech ”jammers” to disable WiFi home security systems. They're primarily after cash, jewelry, and expensive handbags.

This is an expansion of the crime wave reported here by A.W. Morgan in October: Illegal-Alien Gang Imitates Black Smash-And-Grab Robberies In Michigan.

Both reports say that the main culprits appear to be Chilean, with Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard saying in the shorter WXYZ video that they are entering under the Visa Waiver Program or simply crossing the southern border.

Time to cut Chile from this program.

Bouchard emphasizes how skilled and well-organized these gangs are.

How curious that Detroit, known for decades as a cesspit of crimeas discussed here in 2012: “Learn, Whitey, Learn!”—Paul Kersey’s ESCAPE FROM DETROIT”has been beaten to the punch in this lucrative activity in its suburbs by men from the far south of the American Continent.

But VDARE readers know why.

Unhappily for Michiganders, it will be a VERY long time before their peculiar Attorney General helps with this problem.

She is more interested in blocking GOP efforts to monitor elections, persecuting Trump supporters, ignoring black voter intimidation of white Republicans, and trying to destroy GiveSendGO: Commissar Dana Nessel, Michigan’s ”Attorney General” Tries To Destroy GiveSendGO. She May Succeed.




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