Chutzpah On Steroids: Two Israelis Want “The West” To Import Gaza Victims. Commenters Fume
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Now that the Israeli military has smashed Gaza to smithereens to punish the Hamas terror attack on October 7, two Israelis have conceived a plan to compensate the residents of Gaza: The “West” can import them. Indeed, Knesset members Danny Danon and Ben-Barak argue in The Wall Street Journalin agreement with American leftists, of course—the West morally obliged to import them. Commenters roundly and rightly rejected the idea as dangerous and ridiculous.

“Europe has a long history of assisting refugees fleeing conflicts,” the two wrote, citing the imprudent decision of Germany, Sweden, and France to import million of Muslim “refugees”:

Looking to these examples, countries around the world should offer a haven for Gaza residents who seek relocation. ...

The international community has a moral imperative—and an opportunity—to demonstrate compassion, help the people of Gaza move toward a more prosperous future and work together to achieve greater peace and stability in the Middle East.

[The West Should Welcome Gaza Refugees, November 13, 2023]

Words, as they say, fail me.

Importing a bazillion angry Muslims won’t “achieve greater peace and stability” in the West, as we have learned from the anti-Israel, anti-Hamas protests, along with the political and physical clashes between Jews and Palestinians in Europe and the United States.

Here are some commenters, many obviously Jewish themselves:

  • This is probably the most naive take I have seen in an opinion in some time. Why do you think there is encroaching civil war in much of Europe. In France, it's already there in Marseille.
  • Based on what you're seeing in Europe and Scandinavia right now it’s not clear any of them are effectively assimilating the refugees of the last two decades. Maybe the other Arab countries could step up, considering they've aggressively blocked Palestinian refugees since the 90’s.
  • How many are the authors going to house in their own homes?
  • Two prominent members of the Knesset—Israel’s Parliament—want to get rid of Hamas by exporting Palestinians to Western nations. Here’s a counter proposal. Export them to Iran.
  • Yeah just what we need, More people in our country that hate our guts. And as a Jewish American the hate will be X two.
  • This may be the stupidest idea I’ve read…..well, ever.   If their co-religionists refuse to have them, how much less well would they fare in a country that is radically different culturally on every level.
  • Relax WSJ readers - the authors meant to submit this article to the Babylon Bee.
  • No No NO ! No more Arab immigration of any kind. They become an enemy fifth column working to undermine every society ... in the west. We need to deport the Protesters in NYC and everywhere else.
  • They will  not assimilate. This is what happened in France, Spain, and Germany.  They completely change the culture. 

And one reader raised the obvious objection:

This is a joke right? They shouted death to America, Death to Jews.

No way!, they can all go to an Arab nations, or Iran who is funding this with the 6 billion Joe Biden sent them.

On top of that we have 8 million illegals who already broke the law, who will be on welfare for decades, while I just received a letter telling me I will get 800 dollars less a month starting in 2034 on my social security.

Curiously, the two Israelis don’t discuss their own country’s “moral imperative” to “demonstrate compassion.”

Then again, being an Israeli means never having to say you’re sorry.


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