Citizens on Lockdown, Aliens Released? $5 A Month To Support ICE
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Our nation has been on lockdown for weeks now, and yet even as law-abiding Americans are stuck in their homes, out of work and without options, Open Borders activists are agitating for the release of illegal immigrants from their holding facilities along the border.

Globalism brought quarantine to the historic American nation, yet the Treason Lobby wants freedom for illegal aliens.

Help us stand up in support of ICE, in support of the rule of law, and in support of keeping America American!
abolish open borders sticker (1)"Abolish Open Borders" Bumper Sticker

For twenty years, has championed the need for lockdown on our Border, enforcement of our laws and protection of America as our forefathers intended, “for ourselves and our posterity.”

Show your support by signing up for a $5 monthly automatic donation and get a three-pack of American-made “Abolish Open Borders” or “ICE is nice!” heavy duty vinyl stickers shipped right to your door as our special thank you.


Get your sticker and rock it proudly on your computer, your neighborhood light pole, your car or your window—or wherever you please! Then tell your friends so they can get one too!

Donations of any amount are welcome, but if you’re not sure, we’ve put together some suggestions—and special thank-you gifts to go along with them:


ice is nice single sticker"ICE is nice!" sticker

$5 monthly gets three stickers!

$15 monthly gets a hand sanitizer pen!

$25 monthly gets a beverage koozi!

$50 monthly gets a patriotic flag of our choice!

$100 monthly gets a special invitation to the’s historic castle in West Virginia!

We must act now to counter this growing threat. Americans would be left completely defenseless without ICE, and that’s why they want it gone.

There is much to do beyond building the wall: E-Verify. An end to chain migration. No more birthright citizenship. English as the official language. Moratorium. supporters know that ICE is a vital part of the defense of our nation. As immigration patriots, we stand for the dignity of the historic American nation and the right of the American people to decide what our country is and isn’t, against the globalist agenda.

And that why we’re fighting to support ICE. Join us!

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