Confirmed: DHS Secretary Elaine Duke Was Deep State Saboteur—Ready To Resign Over Ending TPS For Illegals
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It has been confirmed that Elaine Duke, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a #DeepState saboteur actively engaged in thwarting the Trump immigration plan on Temporary Protected Status (TPS). And she will be shown the door once the less than stellar Kirstjen Nielsen is confirmed, and for good reason, the President holds all executive power, no member of the Executive Branch holds any independence from the President.
Elaine Duke, Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is reportedly set to resign in light of being asked to reverse a decision extending temporary residents permits to thousands of Central American immigrants living in the US.

[Trump Official Ready To Resign After Being Asked To Deport 50,000 Immigrants, by Mythili Sampathkumar, The Independent/Yahoo, November 9, 2017]

We can also confirm that the legal standards she used to extend TPS for Hondurans were unlawful. The legal standard being have the conditions that prompted TPS ended, not whether it is good or bad for those aliens to return.
According to officials, she felt she needed more information on the situation with Hondurans and had received calls from diplomats asking her to weigh the fate of those immigrants, who had lived in the country for decades, with care.
And we know where Duke got the lobbying from "diplomats" who wanted to "weigh the fates of immigrants [illegal aliens] who had lived in the country for decades." That was James D. Nealon, another John Kelly protege who stabbed his benefactor in the back. This bodes ill for the service of Nielsen as Secretary, one can expect her to stab the President in the back. More disturbing is that Duke and Nealon have not been summarily fired for insubordination.

President Trump needs to be more discerning and careful about who he appoints to important positions. Personal loyalty should be the first consideration. RINO technocrats are disloyal and not competent. Go with those who support you and your agenda.

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