Decline Of The Times
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Mickey Kaus writes
Pinch Works Fast: The New York Times' value has been cut in half in less than three years. It's now worth a little more than $17 a share. In 2002, it traded above $50 a share. I wouldn't worry about Rupert Murdoch buying the Times at this point. I'd worry about Rupert Murdoch's nanny buying the Times. ...
Perhaps being publisher of the Times is a job Americans won't do? This reminds me of what I wrote when Murdoch was contemplating buying the Wall Street Journal:


With the stories of Rupert Murdoch trying to buy the Wall Street Journal flying around, we at can’t help wondering if this means that immigration, either in the form of Murdoch himself or one of his feisty Australian editors, is finally going to affect the livelihoods of the Editorial Board itself? That would be really, really, sad.Really!

But they say it helps to laugh, so if it does happen, we’ll laugh really, really, hard, just to keep from crying. Condolences, and offers of jobs picking fruit, can be sent to the WSJ here.

It would be just as sad if something like that happened to the New York Times. You can read the Times's latest pro-immigration article here, and read what Ann Coulter has to say about it here. If the Times editorial board were replaced by immigrants, could they be more anti-American? In fact, it might even be an improvement.
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