Diana West Back On X/Twitter! Follow Her @realDianaWest!
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Diana West is back on X/Twitter! Handle @realDianaWest.

When I posted Wondering Why U.S. Immigration Policy Is Run By Communists? LISTEN To Diana West And Peter Brimelow! I said:

Perhaps the greatest contribution of the Trump Administration and its aftermath has been to reveal to Americans how completely formerly revered institutions, like the FBI, the Judiciary, and often the police are in fact controlled by the totalitarian Hard Left—essentially, Communists. Not least, as in Britain, they also appear to be controlling immigration policy.

This did not come as a surprise to Diana West, to my mind the best conceptual thinker about as well as one of the best-informed observers of this frightful disaster.

I see her book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character as essential reading for those seriously interested in the root causes of the disaster.

But Diana is razor sharp on current questions as well:

Diana West: Commissar Chutkan Channeling Her (Never Disavowed) Communist Family Tradition


Diana West: Appeals Court Rescued 1968 Democratic Convention Rioters On Grounds Applicable To Jan. 6 Victims. What Chance Equal Justice?

Before being zapped, the Diana West Twitter account had some 30,000 followers. At present her new account has less than 200.

Posting to tiny audiences is disheartening. We urge Patriots to follow @realDianaWest.

This will be an interesting test of what Elon Musk’s X censors are prioritizing. Since I posted Musk An Immigration Patriot? So Why Is VDARE Twitter/X Shadow Banning At All-Time Highs? in September. repression of VDARE has become worse.


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