Die-versity: 64% of Last 25 Mass Shooters Were Ethnically Diverse
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Commenter Antonymous looks up who perpetrated the last 25 mass shootings/bombings according to the Los Angeles Times list of “Deadliest U.S. Mass Shootings:”
Kamikaze killers are aptly named, in that they are largely committed by foreign or non-traditional Americans.

In the last ten years, there have been 16 mass shootings/bombings by non-whites, primarily immigrants and/or muslims — most of which targeted whites. There were 9 mass shooting by whites, only two of which were racially motivated. Contrary to the current narrative, whites are significantly overrepresented as *victims* and underrepresented as perpetrators.

Non-white perpetrators of mass shootings since 2007:

(1) Roseburg OR — Biracial black-identified man (targeted white Christians, specifically asking their religion before killing)

(2) Fort Hood TX (2009) — Palestinian Muslim

(3) Fort Hood TX (2014) — Hispanic man

(4) Santa Barbara CA — Biracial Moroccan [Malaysian-English] man (targeted white college women, angry over rejection) [but also stabbed to death a bunch of his Asian roommates, but nobody remembers those poor bastards]

(5) Virginia Tech VA — Korean immigrant

(6) Washington DC (naval yard) — Black man

(7) Binghamton NY — Vietnamese immigrant

(8) San Bernardino CA — Pakistani and Yemeni Muslim immigrants, Al Quaeda / ISIS affiliated

(9) Orlando FL — Afghan Muslim, ISIS affiliated

(10) Boston MA — Caucasus Muslim immigrants

(11) Chattanooga TN — Palestinian-Jordanian Muslim immigrant, ISIS affiliated

(12) Santa Monica CA — Lebanese Muslim(?) [first name John, so more likely a Christian Arab]

(13) Brookfield WI — Jamaican immigrant

(14) Oakland CA — Korean immigrant

(15) Manchester CT — Black man [targeting white coworkers]

(16) Salt Lake UT — Bosnian Muslim immigrant

vs. white perpetrators:

(1) Aurora CO theatre

(2) Sandy Hook elementary

(3) Colorado Springs clinic

(4) Seal Beach CA salon

(5) Tucson AZ political rally

(6) DeKalb IL university

(7) Omaha NE mall

(8) Oak Creek WI sikh temple [targeting perceived muslims]

(9) Charleston SC church shooting [targeting blacks]

Source: http://timelines.latimes.com/deadliest-shooting-rampages/

As usual the political narrative of a big white bogey man is backward.

If you started with a different date, the proportions would be a little different, but 25 is a good round number. Another publication might include more or fewer mass slaughters. And a few of the categorizations might be arguable. I invite corrections in the comments.

But still, I hadn’t been aware that only 36% of mass shooters were regular American white guys, and I’m reasonably well-informed.

Of course, everybody, I believe, except Mrs. Farook in San Bernardino was a man.

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