Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ Second Gentleman Weighs In On Stanford’s Jussie Smollett
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It’s been about 4 weeks since former Stanford student Abdulwahab Omira announced that he had been Islamophobically run down by an Aryan-looking man in a black Toyota SUV. By remarkable coincidence, nobody else on the campus witnessed the car crash. A Stanford Review article made clear that many students view him as the local cross between George Santos and Jussie Smollett. Nineteen days ago he announced a detailed description of the driver and Toyota SUV that struck him:

For some unknown reason, nobody has managed to arrest these imaginatively detailed malefactors, but that hasn’t kept C list celebrities like Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’s Second Gentleman, from weighing in lately:


In early November, Abdulwahab Omira, a proud Arab-American Muslim and Stanford University student, was hit by a car in broad daylight on the university’s campus. The incident is being investigated by local authorities as a hate crime.

From the hospital as he was recovering from physical and emotional wounds, Abdulwahab called on all of us to denounce hate, bigotry, and violence. He asked everyone to instead spread love, kindness, and compassion.

Abdulwahab, thank you for speaking to Ambassador Hussain and me at Stanford and for your brave resolve to share this message of hope and inclusivity.

No one should live in fear of being targeted for who they are. We must continue to fight back against Islamophobia and hate of every kind.

Dear Doug: You seem like a decent guy, a good business lawyer, so let me warn you that this fellow you met with about how he was the victim of an Islamophobic hate crime has a reputation as being the George Santos and Jussie Smollett of Stanford. It’s been 19 days since the media published his extremely detailed police sketch of his assailant and yet nobody has been arrested yet. In case your wife happens to become President, please advise her that hate hoaxes are ever more common and the public is slowly wising up to the scam. She slipped by without much consequence for endorsing her pal Jussie’s obvious hoax, but that credulous era in which powerful people can endorse lies is slowly grinding to a halt.

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