Email And Anarcho-Tyranny: The Law Only Applies To Republicans
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Marco Rubio has decided he isn't quite up to life in the private sector and is running for re-election. As his decision was ostensibly made in the aftermath of Orlando, he's trying to position himself as a national security hawk and is going after Hillary Clinton.
A high-powered group of senators officially petitioned the State Department Thursday to suspend the security clearances of former Secretary Hillary Clintonand her top aides — a move that could effectively kneecap her preparations for the White House.

Sen. Marco Rubio, a member of the intelligence committee, led the push, joined by Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate’s second-ranking Republican and a handful of others...

They took that step after the White House said it wouldn’t act on its own. The administration says both major presidential candidates have traditionally gotten such access, and President Obama won’t break that tradition despite the allegations against Mrs. Clinton.

[Marco makes his mark: Leads Senate push to strop Hillary of security clearanceby Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, July 7, 2016]

The specifics of the email scandal are less important to most Americans than the idea the law simply does not apply to the wealthy and powerful. If anyone else in America had done what Hillary Clinton did, they would most likely be in jail. Certainly the only way Hillary Clinton could ever get a security clearance now is by becoming President of the United States. A college grad going for an entry level job at DHS is expected to show far more discretion and security consciousness than the former Secretary of State has displayed.

But conservatives shouldn't be surprised. And I doubt this bill will go anywhere.

We're already at a point where the law simply doesn't matter when it comes to illegal immigrants. Indeed, Senate Democrats (who are, after all, the minority) managed to kill a bill which would withhold funding from cities which refuse to enforce immigration law.

Senate lawmakers on Wednesday blocked legislation aimed at stopping violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

The "Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act" would revoke federal grants provided to so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with Homeland Security requests to detain illegal immigrants. The bill is meant to put pressure on those cities to cooperate with the federal government on these issues...

Democrats also blocked a second related bill, the "Stop Illegal Reentry Act," which would require mandatory minimum sentences standards for those who have been deported and then come back into the United States illegally and are convicted of an aggravated felony.

[Senate Dems block sanctuary city, 'Kate's Law' billsby Susan Ferrechio, Washington Examiner, July 6, 2016]

This is a major strategic disadvantage for the Republicans. On issue after issue, conservatives pass a law or a referendum, the courts throw it out, and the GOP throws up its hands and says "oh well, the law is the law." When a figure like Donald Trump appears, Republicans who gleefully roll over for President Obama are suddenly stricken by "conscience" because they don't want to "violate the Constitution," even though Barack Obama practically shreds that hallowed document on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Democrats are simply indifferent to the law. They know illegal immigrants will vote for them if they are given citizenship, and so they defend their interests. They know it would hurt Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming President of the United States if she is indicted, and so they turn a blind eye to her astonishing carelessness and corruption.

Anarcho-tyranny is in effect and it will remain so as long as Republicans continue to fight with one hand tied behind their back.



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