Even Right Abandoning Accused Minneapolis Cop—But They Shouldn't
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So, there we have it, Con, Inc., AltRight, Civic Nationalists, and the NRA spokesmouth Dana Loesch are attacking hero white cop Derek Chauvin, he who bravely found, fought with, and successfully arrested violent Black career criminal George Floyd. Whether it is one of the most censored men on the internet, Jared Taylor, who called Chauvin a psychopath on his latest podcast, to Rush Limbaugh calling Chauvin a killer, to normally levelheaded vlogger Donut Operator, a former cop who usually defends cops based on evidence, but who blasted Chauvin and blamed him for the rioting based on nothing more than panic, to Mike Penovich of The Daily Shoah who called Chauvin a killer, the right has lost its collective mind.


Heroic Victim Of Anti-White Hysteria Derek Chauvin

So let this be a full throated defense of Derek Chauvin, who is as innocent as George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, and Daniel Pantaleo.

First, and foremost in this, like Eric Garner, pictured right, George Floyd was a large and fundamentally unhealthy black man with a penchant for crime and violence. George was a career criminal who was riding for a bad end, and he got it. George ignored the 70s cop show, Baretta, theme song’s advice, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time; he died because of his bad decision making, just as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown did. He rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes.

And as in the Eric Garner case, there is no basis for any criminal charge. The autopsy says no crime was committed, because Floyd did not die of anything wrong with his neck—Chauvin was charged just because he was white.

Meantime, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner announced it has made “no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.” The preliminary results of the May 26 autopsy were included in the statement of probable cause for charges against Chauvin. The medical examiner suggested underlying health conditions contributed to Floyd’s death. Floyd’s family said it will seek an independent autopsy.

[Derek Chauvin Charged With Third-Degree Murder And Manslaughter In Death Of George Floyd, by Marisa Iati, Kim Bellware, Mark Berman, Lateshia Beachum and John Wagner, WaPo, May 29, 2020]

Floyd was fundamentally unhealthy and had illegal drugs in his system. Not a good idea to then go commit a crime, get arrested, and fight the police, both before and after being handcuffed. There is also a rumor that he was conscious in the ambulance and slipped his handcuffs in an escape attempt.

Now, the Lugenpresse is making much of the fact that Chauvin had his knee on George’s neck for a whole 7 minutes or so, as if that is something bad or unusual.

Derek Chauvin kept his knee pinned down on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday.

Chauvin did not remove his knee after Floyd said “I can’t breathe” or after he shouted “Mama” and uttered “please,” the charging statement from the Hennepin County Attorney’s office says. He allegedly did not move his knee until nearly three minutes after another officer was unable to find Floyd’s pulse.

I tell you kneeling on the head or neck is quite common and useful physical control technique. It is also used daily in hundreds of arrests. The technique is quite common when making arrests and the criminals, especially black criminals, often fight back even after being handcuffed. And this is what happened. Police officers do this for two main reasons, first, as in this case, Floyd resumed fighting after being handcuffed and had to be subdued again. The knee on the neck was a precautionary measure meant to keep him down so he did not attack again. One can see examples of this if you watch Cops or Live PD. Criminals even try and run away while handcuffed. They also slip the handcuffs and escape.

Secondly, Chauvin and his fellow officers were surrounded by a hostile mob of blacks who by their proximity and common black behavior were likely to attack the officers and help Floyd escape. Chauvin had to keep his knee on Floyd, so he could maintain situational awareness of the growing, hostile, and potentially violent crowd. Crowds commonly attack police and interfere with arrests. Maintaining control over the suspect is very important in these situations.

Thirdly, criminals often feign injury, especially now, claiming they can’t breathe in part to help set up the loosening or removal of handcuffs so they can escape.

Even the criminal complaint, (note this is not a Grand Jury indictment, which tells us much: The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office was afraid to take it to a Grand Jury, which is required by the Constitution), admits that Floyd was violently resisting before and after handcuffing.

The complaint says Floyd initially resisted being handcuffed when officers sought to arrest him on suspicion of trying to pay for a purchase with a counterfeit $20 bill, but he then became compliant. He sat on the ground at officer Thomas Lane’s direction while Lane asked him questions.

When Lane and officer J. Alexander Kueng tried to walk Floyd to a squad car, however, the complaint says that “Mr. Floyd stiffened up, fell to the ground, and told the officers he was claustrophobic.” Floyd allegedly continued to intentionally fall down and refuse to stand still to avoid entering the car, but the officers eventually got him into a passenger seat of the vehicle.

At 8:19 p.m., Chauvin pulled Floyd out of the car and brought him to the ground, facedown and handcuffed, the complaint says. Kueng allegedly held Floyd’s back, Lane held his legs and Chauvin put his left knee near Floyd’s head and neck.

The officers remained in position while Floyd said he could not breathe, according to the complaint.

“You are talking fine,” they allegedly told him as he moved back and forth.

This is quite similar to the Garner case, he complained he could not breathe, which is not factual—if you can talk, you can breathe. You might be having trouble breathing, but you’re still breathing. Garner was claiming he couldn’t breathe, but also was physically and verbally resisting arrest. This is mostly a tactic used by criminals to resist initial handcuffing and detention, then play to the crowd in an attempt to intimidate the police with the subsequent threat of attack by the crowd, and it is usually black criminals who do this, and black crowds who attack the police.

Derek Chauvin is a political prisoner. He has been denied his right to a Grand Jury indictment for this crime. He was arrested based on a Criminal Complaint, which is generally only used when the suspect is agreeing to plead guilty. The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to a Grand Jury indictment:

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger;

[Fifth Amendment, by James Madison, Legal Information Institute]

As mentioned before, it is clear that the Hennepin County Attorney wanted to bypass the Constitution, as is usually for politicians in the Democrat Party. He was afraid that he would get a no-bill from the generally white jury pool, as few blacks ever show up for jury duty, especially for Grand Jury.

This is part of the war on whites being waged by most of the American government, at all levels, State, local, and Federal. The Deep State is real and just as President Trump has been a victim, as George Zimmerman was a victim, so is the latest white victim, Derek Chauvin.


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