Fox News Says McCain Won New Hampshire Primary! Uh-Huh...Like He Did In 2000...Just Before Bush II Won The Nomination!
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Senator John Edwards (D-SC) is already beating up on poor Ms. Hilary (which is probably more of a hobby than a strategy) but not because she is the candidate for him to beat in the Primary election:

I think he sees her as the candidate to beat for the VP slot on Senator Obama’s Presidential ticket next fall.

But maybe little Eddie should be careful: What if it becomes Hilary’s Presidential ticket? Seriously, tonight’s battle in New Hampshire is only the second of many Primary elections to come–it’s still anybody’s game and right now, Hilary is in the lead!

Gee whiz, Senator McCain is winning (according to FOX News but only 14% precincts are reporting as of 8:30 EST) in NH just like he did in know, before he lost the nomination to Bush II. Remember: New Hampshire has an extraordinarily large number of registered Independent voters. Registered Independents in NH can vote for any candidate, Republican or Democrat...or Green Party, or Peace and Freedom party, or Vampires...either way, they enjoy the benefits of Open Primary selection.

(Not kidding, remember that kooky guy who ran for office in Minnesota as a Vampire? Yeah, the freaks come out at night...)

The only thing keeping McCain alive ANYWHERE is the fact that he backed off his ridiculous position on illegal immigration. He stopped playing patty-cake with Ted Kennedy and started listening to all the conservatives who oppose illegal immigration.

I haven't heard him say "path to citizenship" or "undocumented workers" in ages which for him must have required at least a few rounds of good old fashioned shock therapy.

The night isn't over—I'll be back to report the totals in just a bit!

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