From The Email Bag: Blocking Junk Phone Calls
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In my February Diary last week I whined about junk calls on my landline phone. I get half a dozen of the damn things a day. Built-in "block these numbers" doesn't help: there are too many, and some aren't numbers.

Readers have been very helpful. There's a whole world of call blockers out there. I am now investigating.

As a starting point, the video wiki has a Top 6 list and some explanatory material here.

Based on reader emails, common problems seem to be:

(1) These things are expensive. The range is $50 to $200, median north of $100.

(2) You're still stuck with managing a blacklist (i.e. "block these numbers"), although most models spare you the trouble of keying in the full number to be blacklisted. You just press a button and the last input call number gets blacklisted. So far, though, I haven't found a whitelist ("block all numbers except these") gizmo, which is what I really want.

Off-topic, but having mentioned I cannot forbear recording the fact that both my math books feature on their Top 10 History of Mathematics Books.  There is a YouTube clip here.

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