Gambian Muslim "Migrant" Vandalizes Shinto Shrine In Japan, Will Probably Be Deported
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It really is no surprise: Blacks commit crime wherever they go, even in Japan. Low intelligence, lack of future time orientation, and inability to exercise self-control make for bad decisions and danger to any society. Jim Crow and segregation enabled America to control the black tendency to anti-social behavior, enabling many blacks to live long and productive lives. A failure to control black violence results in tragedy, such as the case of Emmett Till. He might be alive today if he had followed the advice from his fellow blacks not to assault a White woman.

Similarly, a Gambian black immigrant, legal or otherwise, will sooner or later be on a flight home, hopefully, as a result of the Japanese government ability strictly supervise the few blacks there. The major Japanese language press and English language press in Japan were silent on the story, but a minor Japanese news outlet ran the story with video. American coverage only came from InfoWars. Twitter was the lead on the story, with Japanese language Twitter, mostly the nationalists, ablaze over the issue.

The best story was from the Indian press, which had no problem blaming the black Muslim for his crimes.

A video has been going viral on social media wherein a man in yellow attire can be seen vandalising a worship place. The video is reportedly from the Tarumi Ward in Japan’s Kobe City where the accused identified as Mamadou Balde had vandalised the Mizuoka Hachiman shrine in the area.

Balde is a Muslim native of the Republic of Gambia in West Africa, who migrated to Japan and now lives in Tarumi Ward, where the incident took place.

The accused, who was later arrested by the Japanese police, reportedly broke an offering box kept in the shrine. He also, reportedly, threatened a local worshipper against offering prayers at the shrine claiming Allah to be the only God. The incident occurred on May 3, 2023.

[Japan: Muslim Migrant Damages A Shinto Shrine And Threatens Japanese Local Not To Pray There Because ‘Allah Is The Only God’, Arrested, OpIndia, May 27, 2023]

Japan’s problems with the small number of blacks is only getting worse. While segregation and Jim Crow would help, Japan just needs to make a decision to keep blacks out of Japan. Blacks are nothing but trouble. Japan should heed the advice John Derbyshire gave to whites in America, when around blacks, never relax.

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