Gingrich Already Cowering...So Much For A GOP Comeback!
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Quick re-cap:

President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. During press interviews Judge Sotomayor said she believed her experiences as a Hispanic female would make her a better choice for the court than a white male.

There is no way getting around it, her comments were both sexist and racist. Of course she is now back-paddling and claiming to have misspoken but what else can she do? She has to calm the storm if she hopes to get confirmed, right?

(Actually, in today's political climate she could probably print "PICK ME, I'M A RACIST" on t-shirts and still get confirmed! Yeah, you wish I was kidding.)

Thankfully the GOP seemed to be all over this. Former Speaker (and rumored Presidential hopeful 2012) Newt Gingrich called her comments racist and declared her absolutely unsuitable for this appointment—and the rest of the Republicans agreed.

The great part was the affect Speaker Gingrich's words had on their conservative base, no to mention the millions of simple, rational Americans looking for new, strong leadership. People are fed up with all this race-based thinking—they're fed up with people like Sotomayor who think they are more qualified for (basically) everything because they're not white and people like President Obama who agree.

But it was a short lived dream. In less than 48 hours, Gingrich is already back-paddling and apologising for calling Sotomayor's comments racist.

"In a letter to supporters, the Georgia Republican said that his words had been "perhaps too strong and direct" last week when he called Sotomayor a reverse "racist," [AP Article Here]

Good grief...

First of all there is no such thing as a "reverse" racist. Racist is just racist.

Furthermore, Sotomayor is sexist as well and I for one would prefer my judges to not be sexist, ok?

Finally, nothing had changed: Sonia Sotomayor has admitted that sex and race influence her decisions as a judge and just because the GOP is too cowardly to admit it doesn't mean the Democrats don't still have a responsibility to stop her appointment.

This isn't about Blue vs. Red or Liberals vs. Conservatives....this is about right vs. wrong.

And Sonia Sotomayor is wrong.

(And shame on you Newt! I had such hope.....such hope!)

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