GOP House Leadership Flunks E-Verify Test: Deport Them!
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BoehnerDo something on Immigration? Very funny!"

I have had my doubts about the wisdom of the Lamar Smith E-Verify Bill (H.R.2885) although I have no doubt a suitable E-Verify program could hugely contribute to sorting out America’s immigration disaster. I know respected friends like Paul Nachman think otherwise and I do not doubt their sincerity and integrity.

I also do not doubt the sincerity and integrity of the GOP House Leadership on Immigration issues: they are honestly dedicated to serving their Treason Lobby paymasters, blocking any effort at Patriotic immigration reform and conniving at the Obama Administration’s Administrative Amnesty. This is in effect the conclusion NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck (an H.R.2885 supporter) seems to have arrived at in his exasperated posting on Tuesday: All tonight's GOP Prez Primary winners want mandatory E-Verify, but House GOP leaders say a bill would hurt GOP Prez chances?

  Publicly, the House Republican leaders aren't explaining why they have stonewalled the Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2885) after it came out of the House Judiciary Committee last September. But behind the scenes, this is one thing we hear from sources across Capitol Hill and from Republican political consultants: The House GOP leaders believe that voting on any bill that reduces illegal immigration will so inflame Hispanic voters that a Republican candidate for President won't be able to win in the fall.
Beck points out that this makes no sense:
The three winners last night — Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney — have all been clear in their campaigning for months that national mandatory E-Verify is a cornerstone of their plans to deal with illegal immigration.
He ask the key question
…have they leaked this story of their concern about Hispanic voters as a smokescreen for the fact that they really are just protecting some high-roller donors who profit off illegal immigration?
Unfortunately the truth may be worse. As Washington Watcher warily noted in 2010 contemplating the prospect of Speaker Boehner:
Boehner has not co-sponsored a single piece of immigration legislation. Nor did he sign onto Rep. Jason Chaffetz' anti-Amnesty resolution or the Immigration Reform Caucus's amicus brief on SB 1070. Boehner clearly would like to ignore immigration as much as possible.
Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s influence has been  predictably bad also.

The House Republicans may well be led by covert Open Borders ideologues. They unfortunately do exist in the party.

This is the best explanation for the almost complete failure to challenge the constitutionally indefensible and impeachable Obamacrat Administrative Amnesty and the lack of action on the politically potent Anchor Baby issue and the idea of an employment-boosting Immigration Moratorium, both deadly for Democrats.

For Patriots, the 112th Congress has been a disaster: the fruits of the courage of the GOP minority in blocking the Bush Amnesties in the 110th and the Obama ambitions in the 111th have been thrown away and nothing has been gained.

But the E Verify Bill has achieved something.

It has proved that Boehner, Cantor and their minions HAVE TO GO!

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