Gov. Schwarzenegger To Endorse Mc Cain Tomorrow! Umm, Is That Supposed To Be A Good Thing?
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According to Senior Gubernatorial staff (via the LA Times), Arnold Schwarzenegger will announce his endorsement for Senator John McCain's Presidential campaign tomorrow.

Hmm...let's think this through for just a moment:

1. Not that I am some political wunderkind or anything but...wasn't Senator McCain pretty much flatlining on the table just a few months ago when suddenly he popped up as a new conservative man with new conservative ideas for America?

2. Didn't he go to great lengths—including cancelling his weekly canasta game with Senators Reid and Durbin—just to prove his re-commitment to the GOP? Didn't he remove his support from several, shall we say "less than ethical" oops! I mean "less than conservative" Congressional bills that had earned him the title of Teddy's Bitch? (Sorry to my boss Peter Brimelow but I promise there was no other way to accurately describe the relationship!)

3. Wasn't this remarkable turn-around the only reason he survived in Iowa and New know, as opposed to being thrown out into the snow on his...umm...flip-flopping behind?

4. Herr Schwarzenegger is solely responsible for the dejected, fractured and seemingly unmendable GOP in California. He is solely responsible for creating unprecedented dismay among conservative voters and practically driving the libs to the polls. He spends more time pleasing the Democrat-controlled House than trying to figure out how to get it back. In fact, it would not surprise me if his Democrat Chief-of-Staff neglected to brief him on his ability, authority and YES even his responsibility to pull his Party back from the brink...but no!

YOU'VE GOT TO BE JOKING!! Wait a minute...

When I read what I just wrote, Schwarzenegger's resume could easily have John McCain's name at the top, huh? Anyhow...

Schwarzenegger decided to throw his considerable clout behind Senator John McCain for the GOP nomination in this year's election.

Considering that John McCain is already (and I think perhaps permanently) at the bottom of my "people who should never be elected or hold positions of power" list (this list includes names such as Gloria Steinem, Patricia Ireland, Ted Turner, George get the picture) I guess McCain can finally be a new list that is!

Now his name is just Mud...smelly, worthless, algae-polluted McCain Mud.

Schwarzenegger endorses McCain!! How daft is this thing going to get before even the wackiest of the wacky get migraines or something and for the love of Pete, just mercifully let all the twaddle go?? Preferably down some smelly, rancid drain...maybe over at Schwarzenegger's house...ooh, or over at the hotel where the Screen Actors Guild Award Show is held!! I'm thinking...all those smelly, smug drivel-spewing "actors" can rinse off in the water from all those smelly, rancid drains fresh off the campaign trail!!

Sometimes my imagination gets carried away but come on, isn't this one a win-win?

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