Grace & Steel Podcast: Media Asks (Again) Why We Don’t Like Hillary; Dems Make Election Referendum on Muslim Immigrants; etc.
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Episode 47 of my podcast is now posted here (with copious links). “She-Whose-Turn-It-Is” (as James Howard Kunstler calls her), having stolen the election from Bernie Sanders, was finally insinuated by the Democratic National Committee into the role of Democratic nominee for President, eight years after she was supposed to and 37 years after she first entered public life as First Lady of Arkansas.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been around so long that I can honestly say I was still a young man when I first forced to pay attention to her. Nevertheless, the Mainstream Media insists that she remains a woman of mystery. No, neither the 30,000 missing emails nor the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation—those aren’t the mysteries that captivate the MSM. To them, the real story is “Why is Hillary so disliked, mistrusted and feared?”

One is tempted to respond that if the MSM doesn’t know by now, they never will. But let’s run through the bill of particulars once more. Hillary is disliked because she poses as a feminist pioneer, but the truth is that she acquired her power the old-fashioned way by marrying it. She insists that resistance to her every desire is evidence of “misogyny,” but the truth is that she has never demonstrated why she should be regarded as anything other than Bill Clinton’s wife. Despite the endless touting of her résumé, she boasts no accomplishments of any account and is best associated as Secretary of State with the disasters of the Arab Spring, the botched interventions in Libya and Syria and the unconscionable deaths in Benghazi of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

Hillary is mistrusted because her entire career has consisted of dirty deals and dubious excuses. Repeated variations on “Was I not supposed to do that?” and “I’m confident that when the record is examined carefully it will be determined that my actions did not violate any criminal statutes” cannot be expected to engender trust. We have become inured to the lurid spectacle of lifelong “public servants” doing well by doing good, but Hillary, as is her wont, has tested America’s patience to its limit. Being paid $225,000 plus extensive expenses for speeches of no intrinsic interest is influence peddling and bribery, pure and simple.

Hillary is feared because she is utterly beholden to the globalists who intend to abolish America and replace its people with a multi-culti collection of serfs. Because she has never met a war she didn’t like and insist was in America’s interest. Because she has consistently given the impression that there can be no legitimate dissent from her will and that such expressions will be terminated with extreme prejudice. Did she order the mass murder at Waco? I can well believe it.

Twitter funnyman David Burge joked of the enormous costs of the campaign to “humanize Hillary.”

The strain of this campaign can no longer be hidden from the public. Hillary appears corpulent, moribund and possibly brain-damaged. What other explanations can there be for her decision to order the apotheosis of Khizr Khan, the angry, ranting Pakistani (via the United Arab Emirates) who instructed the American people that patriotism is whatever an immigrant (with a pecuniary interest in the immigration of fellow Muslims) says it is.

Hillary Clinton has made the same mistake as Donald Trump’s primary opponents. Like them, she is running not to win the support of the voters but rather of the MSM, which is delighted to make November 8, 2016, a referendum on Muslim immigration. At a time when a near-majority of Americans supports a ban on all Muslims entering America, it is difficult to imagine a more disastrous political calculation.

Grace & Steel has adopted a new format. Our new shows will be one hour and not two hours in length. This will make the podcast less taxing to listeners and also timelier, as reduced duration means faster production turnarounds. We shall be half as long but twice as often, as our listeners can now expect two podcasts every week. The first of the new series was a Republican National Convention wrap-up which can be heard here.

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