Grace & Steel Podcast Roundup: An Interview With Katie McHugh; Enoch Powell’s Rivers Of Blood: From Warning To Prophecy
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Episode 83 of my podcast is now posted here (with copious links) and on YouTube.

It is my interview with Katie McHugh, the erstwhile writer and editor with Breitbart News. Here is the tweet that got her fired one day after she posted it:

Since the British government surrendered to the Irish Republican Army, deadly terror attacks in the United Kingdom have been the work of Muslims, usually directly after they have shouted “Allahu Akbar!” Therefore, if there were no Muslims in the UK, there would be no deadly terror attacks. QED. But there is nothing that wounds the Mainstream Media more than truth, and the more obvious the truth, the louder they howl.

Wait a minute; Breitbart is not supposed to be the MSM. Indeed, its success has been the result of its positioning as a kind of anti-MSM. But as McHugh explains, Breitbart has not been the same since executive chairman Steve Bannon left to join Trump’s presidential campaign. That would be the same Bannon who is now chief strategist for President of the United States Donald Trump. His victory was an obvious vindication of the Alt-Right, but Breitbart saw it differently and has striven to become more like Fox News, which in turn is desperate to become more like CNN. After having put billions in the pockets of the Murdoch family, Fox News founder Roger Ailes was forced out 11 months ago, while host Bill O’Reilly, whose show had kept Fox at the top of the cable news ratings for years, was forced out two months ago. Never let it be said that the Establishment Right lacks loyalty. On the contrary, it remains steadfastly loyal to its enemies, both personal and civilizational.

America’s Overton Window has shifted significantly since Bannon took control of Breitbart, and McHugh describes with great affection his role as a mentor to her and how rewarding it was to work for a company whose boss gave its employees full rein to take on the Fake News monoliths.

This shift in the Overton Window has driven the Left crazy. The “intelligence community” plumbs depths of anti-Russian paranoia that would have been absurd during the Cold War, while the “Resistance” rants about revolution, “sealed indictments” and a coup d'état. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has discovered that he doesn’t need the MSM and can communicate directly to the people via Twitter. This drives the Left even crazier.

In a world of dangers, the Establishment Right has proposed the worst of the lot to be white males and now indulges in near-exterminationist rhetoric. Katie argues that Conservatism, Inc. has become both a prisoner of proponent of SCALE (size, complexity, atomization, liberalization and elitism). White males of low educational attainment (never mind that the elite deliberately destroyed the public schools that once taught them) do not fare well under globalism (never mind that the elite deliberately destroyed the manufacturing base that once supported them), so the Right advocates the election of a new American people, browner and more amenable to serfdom. Many of these stale, pale, unavailing males have sought refuge in powerful opioids, with distressing results, and McHugh reveals that she is preparing a book on a blight now so pervasive that even social scientists have taken notice (at considerable risk to their reputations).

Katie McHugh was a delightful interview. Many young women of similar attainment become tiresome in their presumption. Or worse still, they become thots. (Step 1: Go blonde. Step 2: Go blonder.) By contrast, Katie remains genial, modest and brunette. A true “happy warrior.”

Episode 82 (posted here with links and here on YouTube) is called “Rivers of Blood.”

Kevin Steel and I discuss Enoch Powell’s 1968 speech in the wake of the Manchester terrorist attack. Declaiming against the importation of large numbers of non-whites to the British Isles, Powell began with a declaration: “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” The reaction to his speech was immediate and binary. The British people were overwhelmingly in favor. This support ran across the political spectrum and was particularly strong among trade unionists, despite the fact that Powell was a Conservative, and they were the bulwark of the Labour Party. The Establishment, both Right and Left, both Conservative and Tory, drummed him from their ranks.

Almost a half-century after Powell’s speech, the streets of Britain have become actual rivers of blood, while London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Pakistani Muslim, sneers that terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city.” The primary response to any such attack is not grim resolve to root out the evildoers but instead more threats against those deemed guilty of “Islamophobia” (as Katie McHugh was).

It is difficult not to conclude that the present state of affairs in Britain and Europe is not the result of a concatenation of well-meaning errors but is instead the result of deliberate design. The capitalists demand more serfs and consumers, while the liberals demand more voters and clients. In other words, our Western governments are nothing less than criminal conspiracies against their peoples. The sole relevant political question today is, “Whose side are you on?”

Finally, a personal note. After contracting tuberculosis and spending years in hospital, the great novelist Shusaku Endo consented to a lung removal, an operation that had a one in two chance of killing him. He wrote years later (in the foreword to When I Whistle) that he had composed a stirring declaration of renewed purpose to be uttered in the event of his survival. He confessed that all he could say when he regained consciousness was, “It hurts!” Endo and I have little in common, except for a shared religion and love of tobacco, but I’ve been thinking of him since my own operation 17 days ago. It was major surgery but nowhere near as dangerous as his was. For the past 18 months I had been afflicted with a debilitating, progressive and grossly disfiguring medical condition. I found it increasingly difficult to think and to work, with one result being my infrequent contributions to these pages.

Like Endo’s my surgery was a success. Apart from pain, physical weakness, a feeling that I had shed 40 IQ points and an opportunistic eye infection that rendered me near-blind for the past week (now thankfully abated), the side-effects were manageable. Now almost completely recovered—and rather less hideous in appearance—I am now resolved to make use of my talents while they are still within my grasp.

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