Gun Control Is Racial Socialism
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State Homicide Rates by Race — Courtesy of Vox Day

I see the intrepid SBPDL blog has raised the same point with which I concluded Guns Don't Murder. A (Certain Type Of) Person Murders:

…the most effective way of reducing gun homicide in America would be prohibit Black men from having guns.

However Guns, Blacks, and Steel: Why Disarming Black America is the Answer to Gun Violence is packed with devastating statistics: publishing it is a public service.

Many of the Gun Control fanatics, of course, are motivated by the same force driving many of the same people in the War on Christmas. They perceive gun ownership is something many Whites love and they want to hurt them.

But equally valid it to see gun control as Racial Socialism: a cost to be inflicted on Whites because of the deficiencies and faults of Blacks.

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