His Name Is Paul Billion: Four Blacks (Immigrants Or Resettled Refugees?) Arrested For The Murder Of White Male In 82% White Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Even in a state less than three percent black, the late Colin Flaherty’s advice is all-so-pertinent: around blacks, never relax.

His Name is Paul Billion, a white male murdered by four black males of indeterminate citizen status (immigrant or resettled refugees).

Police: Four arrested in Paul Billion’s murder investigation, DakotaNews.com, December 4, 2022

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) – After months of unanswered questions, Sioux Falls detectives say they found four people believed to be connected to Paul Billion’s death.

According to Lieutenant Nick Butler with the Sioux Falls Police Department, a thorough investigation of Paul Billion’s murder began on Aug. 19. Detectives used technology, civilian testimony, tangible evidence, and multiple search warrants to piece together four potential suspects connected to Billion’s death. Lt. Butler said the root of this crime was a drug-related robbery, and the gun used to kill Billion had previously been reported stolen out of an unlocked car.

Officers began carrying out search and arrest warrants on Saturday morning and now have custody of 19-year-old Gbo Yuoh, 18-year-old Thomas Tarley, and 18-year-old Soteemon Poley. All three are charged with 1st-Degree Murder and burglary. Yuoh is also facing a charge of grand theft. Carnell Jimmerson, 19, was only charged with Grand Theft. According to jail records, Yuoh is being held on a $1 million bond. Tarley and Poley are being held without bond.

Lt. Butler says the investigation is still ongoing and asks anyone with more information regarding the crime or suspects involved to contact authorities through crime stoppers at (877) 367-7007.

Billion was found days after his death inside a south Sioux Falls home with gunshot wounds to the torso. An autopsy determined the manner of death was homicide by gunshot.

Sioux Fall is less than seven percent black. Look at the names of those who allegedly murdered Paul: Soteemon, Gbo

Why are these obviously black immigrants/refugees resettled unnecessarily in majority white cities even in America?

Paul Billion would not have been murdered in a Sioux Falls, South Dakota devoid of black people.

When you understand what the prior sentence means, you realize why black refugees are resettled in heavily white cities across America.

RIP Paul.


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