How Multiculturalism Destroys the Jury/Grand-Jury System
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While writing my just published column on the George Zimmerman show trial, I recalled (but forgot to hunt down) this classic report by someone who had served on a grand jury dominated by non-white native-born Americans and immigrants who had not accepted American legal norms, and who had to deal with foreign witnesses who did not speak English and therefore required court interpreters:

Jury of Babel—the Diverse Grand Jury in Action By Anonymous Grand Juror,  January 6, 2009  


[G]rand jury serviceis a form of forced integration. The vast majority of people have never spent a day, never mind several weeks, closely cooperating with people of different races. But I served on a jury that consisted of a handful of whites like myself, and a mixture of blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, including several immigrants—a modern day jury of my "peers".

The damage immigration has done to our justice system is most obvious during witness testimony. We heard immigrant witnesses testify in several languages, including Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole.

The difficulty is that it is nearly impossible to gauge the authenticity of a witness when he testifies through a court-certified interpreter. It's like relying on a story second-hand. Even the prosecutors seemed to struggle with this problem.

When it's the grand jurors' opportunity to question an immigrant witness, we had to whisper our question to the prosecutor, who then repeated the question aloud to the interpreter. The interpreter then translated the question for the witness, who then answered back in his native language. The interpreter then translates the defendant's response back into English for the grand jury.

[Read the whole thing here.]

I have written a bit over the years about racist black jurors’ increasing refusal to honor our legal system, as they routinely perjure themselves during voir dire in death-penalty-eligible cases, saying they are willing to vote for the death penalty, so they can then sabotage the verdict. And in non-death penalty cases, black jurors increasingly engage in jury nullification on behalf of black criminals.

But it gets better: Jihadists, aka Muslims, have been suing to win Moslem women the privilege of being able to testify in court while wearing complete face-coverings—i.e., masks—such that one cannot tell if a witness is being honest, or even if she is … a she.

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